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Tar-zay Beau-tay…

Oh, Target. You win for excellent merchandising. The way your store is laid out with the bright lights, clean floors and red accents activates my shopping urges.
This week Target is offering a coupon for their beauty, haircare and skincare departments. So I decided to take advantage and purchase products normally excluded from discounts. Today’s post is a review of two products:
Concealing Concentrate

Mineral Fusion
Concealing Concentrate

The company describes this product as: Super long-lasting, matte finish full-coverage concealer
It’s also waterproof and the color is called “Adaptable Beige”. I doubt it is adaptable for most people. Maybe “Where Applicable Beige” would be a more accurate name.
My take:
I like this concealer as a finishing touch on top of my Tarte Maracuja concealer It is recommended that you use the PIXI peach corrector underneath, and I can see why that is necessary, but I chose to use my own peachy concealer instead. The Tarte concealer is great but it tends to fade. This concealer on top of it, helps to lock it in place. I like it, not sure if I love it.
Mineral Fusion Blonzer

I love the blushes from this company because they are the only blushes which do not break me out. Naturally, I love the pink half of this duo, but I really needed a good Bronzer. The Bronzer here is the perfect color but why so much glitter? :/ I feel a bit like a disco ball or like Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time. Because of this, I’ve learned to keep it off my forehead and mainly use it on my cheeks. This would be an amazahzing Bronzer if they just GET RID OF THE GLITTER
So I will end this on a private note to the company,
Dear Mineral Fusion,
Please consider releasing a Bronzer with no shimmer. All of your bronzers have glitter and it would be swell to have just one without. Thanks.
Till next time,
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New Mascara Fav from E.L.F.

I’m a BIG fan of cheap mascara! If you use your mascara everyday it should only last one to two months, so why spend a fortune on something you are going to replace frequently? I’ve come across many good cheapies, but I want to focus on this one from E.l.f because it gives me a natural, elegant lengthened lash.
Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara
First of all, scratch the waterproof part. It’s just not. It’s not runny or smudgy, but don’t expect to take a swim wearing this. You will set your self up for a Tammy Faye moment (young people Google her if you are lost).
What I love about this mascara:
1. The small brush makes it easy to maneuver around lashes.
2. The formula, although not waterproof, is thin so it gives lashes a natural, yet elegant look.
3. It’s 3 dollars. THREE DOLLARS!!! πŸ™Œ

This also comes in a non waterproof formula (again, the waterproof claim is a joke anyway), but I wonder if I would like it as much. In the meantime I will keep using this on my peepers.
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6 Step Beauty

Back To The Basics
I’ve spent the last week in dress rehearsals for a local production of Laughter On The 23rd Floor, so I’ve been rocking red lips, heavily lined lashes, and miles of mascara for 4 days. Today we have the day off to rest because the show opens tomorrow. I decided not to give my makeup a complete rest, so I did just the basics: Foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, lip stain and brow gel. This is not exactly a makeup free experience, but the look is flattering and natural- two if my favorite things. This look also showcases some of the newer things I recently tried and I’d like to share them with you.
Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation
I tried a sample of this in the Nude shade and I must say I am impressed so far. It looks incredibly natural, almost like you aren’t wearing anything, yet it is working to cover unevenness, smooth pores and control shine. I can’t give it a full thumbs up yet because I need to wear it for a week to see how my skin reacts. So far so good, so we shall see. Becca a very pricey brand, so I’m not keen on getting hooked on something that is expensive. I generally buy drugstore lippies and mascara, but I save my pennies for good skincare and foundation. So if it works well and does not break me out, I’m sold. I will keep you posted.
Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
This might be my favorite concealer ever. I bought it a month ago when Ulta had 20% off Prestige brands. What I love about this is it is the perfect consistency: not too dry yet not to slippery. It has a lot of pigment and leaves a slight glow once you pat it in. The color I have is Light Medium. It reminds me of a slightly darker version of Light Peach Corrector from Bobbi Brown. I think it’s funny when I read reviews that caution against using peach tones because that is the best tone for my under eye area. I’m a pale olive Mediterranean skin tone, so pinky beiges don’t always work and gold plays into my sallowness. Peach is perfection.
Almay Intense I-Color Volumizing Mascara in Plum
I just love this brush and the plum tone is more of a raisin brown which I find to be soft and flattering. If you are looking for a true purple, this probably isn’t for you. However, if you want something not as harsh as black but just a little darker than brown, this is perfect. You can brush on just a little (as I did in my picture) or layer it up for drama. My one problem is that it seems to have tiny flecks of glitter which is kind of unnecessary and it makes me feel like I have lash dandruff. Regardless of that, I highly recommend it.
Too Faced Bulletproof Brows in Universal Brunette
I got this on sale and again I’m not thrilled that I’m getting hooked on it, but it is AMAZING! It is kind of a gel, cremΓ¨ and powder in one. It fills in the gaps realistically and locks the hairs in place. Plus, it comes with two brush heads. One is a slanted defined brush and the other is a spool to brush out the brow. Brows are still having a moment and I think it’s terrific. Everyone looks better with more brow.
E.L.F Moisturizing Lipstick in Ravishing Rose
I’ve sung the praises of this formula when I spoke about the red color in a previous post. This is a lovely lip tone and I applied it lightly for the picture. You can add more color or keep it light like I have shown. And, it’s three bucks. Three bucks!
Mineral Fusion Blush in Flashy
I’ve been using this for a few months and it is the only blush I wear. It is the perfect peachy/pink and it doesn’t break me out. Hallelujah.
Thanks for reading my beauty babble. Until next time…
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IMG_8177.PNGpicture is from too faced website.

Best Red Lipstick For 3 Bucks!!!

ELF Moisturizing Lipstick
Red Carpet.
Attention Performers! This is the best red lipstick you will ever own- and it’s 3 bucks! THREE BUCKS! That’s a coffee, that’s a subway ride (sort of), that’s almost a tax charge for a luxury brand makeup purchase. It won’t chap your lips and it lasts forever. I wore it yesterday to sing at an outdoor festival and it lasted through three hours of performing, drinking water and dinner after the performance.
You don’t have to jump on a stage to justify buying this red lipstick. This red is for the non-theatrical folks too!These pics were taken backstage for tech week for Laughter On The 23rd Floor which is opening this weekend at The Barn Theater in MontvilIe.
I post another day on all the other colors available in this formula, but for now I have to run on stage. Till then…
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