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Rebel Skin: From Acne to Rosacea

I get by with a little help from my friends…
By friend I mean my dermatologist. After two years of on and off skin annoyances I decided to reach out to my doctor for help.
His assessment:
Perioral Dermatitis(I knew that)
Rosacea (I had a hunch)
Acne (On and off since a teenager)
Perioral Dermatitis can either be caused by cosmetics or in some cases gluten sensitivity. Yeah, I know we hear about that all the time now but it is probably the case for me since my skin was not problematic when I was gluten free for a year. I still don’t want to go back to that kind of diet because I refuse to break up with gluten.
The Rosacea is new, and I guess it’s just a part of getting older. Do I have the worst skin? Thankfully, no. But it has been a major pain in the ass lately. It has also had some really low points. (Scroll towards the bottom for an example). Sensitivities, redness, hormonal acne and an inability to find a proper makeup to cover it up.
The Treatment:
Finacea twice a day. That is a cream that handles Rosacea and Acne Oracea which is an antibiotic. Hmmm. Still thinking if I want to go there.
I can tell you that the Finacea was quite pricey (over 100 bucks!). It also has dried me out in one day and my texture is quite bumpy. I’ve read mixed reviews, but I’m willing to give it a shot. In the meantime I will ease up on salicylic acid products as they can be aggravating. I’m also experimenting with Clinique Redness Solutions Foundation.
Here are some pics. I will keep you posted with the progress. If you have similar conditions, please feel free to chime in.



My skin at its worst (last year:)

Yikes. Here’s to hoping I don’t revisit that. Let’s end on a prettier note…

Till next time…
Smooches! 💋


Makeover Etiquette 101

Just a short post reminding people to please take a shower before you go for a makeover. You should probably shower before most things, but it is particularly unpleasant when you make a makeup artist clean your dirty face. YUCK!

I had this experience with a client today and I did a deep cleansing of all the brushes right after!

Friday Flash! Beauty Tips…

Get a more dramatic shadow application and re-think the idea of makeup storage…
I hope you’ve all had a lovely Friday! Today’s flash is made of three quick tips.
1. Using the cheesy foam shadow applicators to your advantage
2. Transporting multiple lipsticks at once
3. Ditching the idea of a train case and replacing it with a craft bag.

Let’s look at some pics
I used the foam applicators to create this look below:

<Just place the colors on the lid with the applicator and blend with your brush. Easy peezy!
Next,what if you want to carry multiple lipsticks in your kit or even while you travel? Buy a storage container for beads. Cut each lipstick and store in the wheel (this is probably best for your inexpensive lipsticks).

Finally, while you are at the craft store, pick up a crafting tote. I believe these totes are made for scrap booking, but I find it is a much easier way to store all of my professional makeup. Plus, it’s so much lighter to carry and CHEAPER to purchase. Here’s the one I got at Michael’s

So there you have it, three short tips to help you look at makeup in a different way.
Till next time…
Smooches! 💋

She’s Crafty: A Curly Haired Girl’s Review of Wella Curl Craft Wax Mousse

It’s a bad day for makeup…. My eyes are bothering me, so I’m working the mid 90’s bold lip/no eye makeup thing just until I feel better. Who knows how long that will take, so I figured I’d kill a few minutes by talking about hair.
The Product: Wella Curl Craft Wax Mousse
The Lure: 20% off at Ulta PLUS 5x points for Platinum Members
Price:Normally $16 there but 20% off that price plus 5 times bonus points for the rewards program.
Let’s get down to business…
Curly hair is fussy and it is hardly a one size fits all solution for everyone. Here is my hair type:
Medium length, fine and more curly than wavy.
Because my hair is fine, it doesn’t hold up to straightening very well. I’ve entered bars with straight hair and after a night of dancing my hair is curly. I’ve learned to just go with it, but I am picky about my curl products. I do not like a crunchy curl!. Reminds me of high school. Yuck. However, if you go too soft you end up with no hold at all. I like this product because it is in between.
The Wella website describes it as:
“A distinctive foaming wax that shapes and creates supple curls that are full of life and vitality.

I describe it as:
Magical hair potion which smells like an delicious light apple scent . Well, to me anyway. It reminds me of a light apple for some reason.
*You need very little product
*Curls have shape but are not stiff
*Non-drying like most mousses are
*The price. However, with a coupon like 20% or 3.50 off it’s very doable. Plus it seems like it is going to last a long time.
Here are some pics. It’s a rainy day here, so my hair is a bit frizzier but this stuff is still holding it together.


Till next time…
Smooches! 💋

Halloween Vintage Makeup Fun!

This picture is a bit of a throwback to last Halloween. I know, it’s not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday. It’s just Sunday, but I’m still going to share a pic of vintage makeup I did for a Betty Boop costume I did last year.
The costume was just ok (I threw it together at the last minute), but the makeup was fun! I don’t usually wear this much makeup, but Halloween is a time to pile on the drama.


I used black gel liner from Tarte as well as a deep black shade from Lorac. I believe there are some charcoals in there too. My lipstick was a chubby lip pencil from Nars called Luxembourg. Those were the days when I spent a little more on cosmetics. I’ve since learned to branch out to drugstore brands (I’m a grad student now ;). But once in a while I will use luxury brands in my posts when I open up the vault.
p.s. That lip color is amazing 🙌
Till next time…
Smooches! 💋

Clinique Eyeshadow Duo: Jammin’

I wanna jam it wid you..,
Sorry for my cheesiness. For me, it always comes down to two things: music and food. The name of this eyeshadow makes me think of sweet things like the Bob Marley song, and homemade jam. Yum.
I got a sample of this in Clinique’s gift with purchase. I had been wanting to try this one for a while. While I do favor their eyeshadow singles, this is a cute little duo. It can also be applied lightly with the pink shade all over and the purple in the crease. Even though I wear a more natural makeup look I tend to go bolder with my purples, so I placed the purple shade all over the lid and up into the crease. Then I took a bit of the pink and highlighted under the brow. For some reason a soft purple application looks like a bruise on me, so I stick to a solid dark application on the lid.
Just an FYI, Macy’s is running their Clinique Gift With Purchase Event you get a free gift with a 27 dollar or more purchase from Clinique. Pretty sweet. Just like the eyeshadow, and the song. I hope you like Jammin’ too
Till next time…
Smooches! 💋