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Procrastination Makeover: Urban Decay Smoked Palette

Oh my God! Tomorrow is NYE and my boyfriend and his sister are coming to my apartment!
Do I:
A. Clean the place up?
B. Procrastinate by playing with makeup?


Yup. That happened.

Let’s discuss!

On muh face right now:


💋Urban Decay Smoked Palette
💋Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Perversion (That came with the palette)
💋NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo
💋Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener in Light to Medium Peach.

I got the Smoked Palette during the Sephora 20% off sale in November.
It was already marked down, so by the time I got it it was just about $23.00.
Now I’ve seen it advertised in Ulta online for about $20.00.
If they still have that offer, take it and never let it go…

Let’s swatch the shades I used:


Top to Bottom:
💋Asphalt (Lower Lash)
💋Loaded (Lid)
💋Evidence (Crease/Outer V)
💋Freestyle (Blending Shade)
💋Kinky (Inner Corner/Under Brow

With the very first swipe of Loaded, I was reminded why Urban Decay shadows rule the school…


My favorite shade is actually Freestyle. It is a perfect matte peach. I could wear it everyday.


Why the smirk? Because these shadows are so badass, I can’t take myself seriously.
That’s why my favorite is the matte nudey-peach.
Because I’m lame, and proud.

Before we go, let’s discuss the lip color…
This NYX Lip Cream in San Paulo is a bright, cheery, pinky-red. I actually like the look of just the lip without eyeshadow.


That’s my happy place.

Time to finish washing this stuff off and get crackin on the cleaning!

Till next time...
Smooches! 💋



2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Wax On/Wax Off: Simple Spa by Sally Hansen

There’s a song by Rogers and Hammerstein called I Enjoy Being A Girl. This song pops up in my head when I’m engaging in beauty chores like waxing. And when I have hot wax upon my face it is then that I ask myself, do I really? Nope.
Don’t get me wrong, I loves my makeup, fashion and sparkly objects, but something like waxing makes me go bonkers.

Granted, I’m not full on Chewbacca

😂😂😂- I’m sorry, I just need a moment to stop laughing from my own work. Ok, I’m good.

Long story short, I’m Italian. That seems to provide enough explanation as to why I may need extra help in the facial hair department. Luckily I have fine hair, so even if things are bad they are not so bad. My heart goes out to the coarse haired ladies out there.

I’ve done waxing, plucking, threading, and bleaching. All have mixed results for me. Some waxes break me out (shocker) and threading kinda hurts in the lip area. Plus, when you feel you need a maintenance every two weeks this stuff could add up $$$$

Enter my latest purchase from
Sally Hansen.


I really should have taken a picture before I used it, but I am far too impulsive for that.

This little warming machine lives up to its name, simple. That’s not a bad thing.
Let’s discuss some pros and cons:

💋Easy to use. Just plug in and wait for it to warm.
💋It comes with a handful of wooden spatulas but no cloths are provided because it is a peel off wax.
💋Relatively cheap. About $18.50 and them I used my Bed Bath and Beyond 5 dollar off coupon. So this is about $13.00. A great value.

💋Peel off wax can be a bit more painful, but you can be assured you are removing every hair because it literally feels like every hair is being slowly pulled out. Ouch.
💋Takes much longer than the 25 minutes suggested for warm up. At least for the first time you use it.

I’m quite pleased with this purchase, although the true test is the second time I will use it. Hopefully the wax will warm up again.
I would put an “after” picture, but I just caught a glimpse of myself and I’m in no mood for a photo shoot. Let’s just say the post wax pic looks like this:


Till next time…
Smooches! 💋

The Eyeliner That Won’t Quit: Modster Supercharged Eyeliner by Ardency Inn

Your eyeliner might be good, but is it take a nap and still look perfect good? Before I talk about this magical drawing stick let’s talk about why I was napping with makeup on.
I spent the day professionally singing for two different events. In the morning, it was a memorial mass and in the afternoon it was a wedding complete with a half hour prelude of carols. By the time I was done I was done. I needed a snappy (that’s Vanessa language for “sweet nap”), especially because I needed to get a second wind for a holiday party in the evening. So I decided to watch some bland tv (no idea what show but sure it was on the ion network), and then I then went into a 2 hour coma. When I awoke I was surprised to find that the eyeliner I applied earlier in the afternoon had not moved.
A makeup miracle!
Let’s have a look:

Ok, obviously I had retouched my foundation, concealer, etc. but the eyeliner needed ZERO retouching.
💋 This is the Modster in Black. It comes in a set of three at Sephora which also includes a gold and a blue liner. I also own the Coffee color (my personal favorite).
Coffee liner look:


But why are these liners so magical?
💋 They glide on effortlessly
💋 They have beautiful color saturation
💋 They last longer than most Kardashian relationships.

Oh my goodness. I just realized I also own this liner in Lilac (gorgeous). I am an addict. Consider this a cry for help.

After this long-ass day I can finally remove my makeup, wash my face, turn on some ion television network, and fall into a sweet slumber.
Until next time…
Smooches! 💋😴


Added on 12/28:


Playing With Makeup: Christmas Gifties

My boyfriend is off today, and he’s probably wondering why I’m putting on a full face of makeup while I’m wearing my new Christmas, penguin pajamas. Well, I got some goodies from my sister and one particular Clinique eyeshadow that I wanted to try out. So that became this:
My 14 year old niece instructed me that the proper selfie technique is on a diagonal. I consult her for keeping things current. For example, Bae. I will never use Bae in a sentence, but now I know what it means (it’s super lame). Don’t know the definition? Get thee to Urban Dictionary, or ask the 14 year old in your life.
The products I’m showcasing are:
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Thrilled
Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Creme in Wishful
Clinique All About Shadow Duo in
Nightcap (darker shade only)
Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner in

💋The Tarte lipstick takes me back to when I used to buy these crayons in 2009ish. This one has a nice feel to it, and although the color is pale it is pretty.
💋The blush is soft too, but it shows up and if I recall these blushes last quite a while. Let’s not kid ourselves about the 12 hour claim.
💋The shadow is ok. I’m not one to wear such a dark color, although I probably should for certain occasions. I do not like the pale green it comes with, so I mixed it with The Naturally Pretty Palette from It Cosmetics.
💋Finally, the silver liner is fun. I love these liners from Cynthia Rowley and I chose this to brighten up the dark eye.

Dominic finally turned around from the computer chair and said, “You’re all made up?”
It’s probably puzzling him, and what is more puzzling is that I will be washing all this off now.

Till next time…
Smooches! 💋


Holy Crap! I Own This?: A new series.

I have a big collection of beauty products. From samples, to Clinique gratis, to other brands purchased with limited Ulta and Sephora coupons, to drug store beauty fixes. I am an addict. Sometimes I forget what I actually own. So, I decided to start a series called Holy Crap! I Own This?
The first post of this series is of Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Foundation. I posted a review last week, and in the review I mentioned that I thought I tried this before. And I did. In 2012. Why didn’t I continue to use it? Not sure, but I have the same color I selected when I took a sample.
Exhibit A:
💋 I cropped the bottom of the pic because it showcased my unmanicured nail. Perhaps I should start doing manicure posts…
💋 This bottle is 2 years old, but it is distributed through a nozzle so I may consider using it until it is done. Despite the 2012 purchase date, it’s working out quite nicely.
💋 Is it a perfect match? Not in my car’s vanity mirror. You can see a little pink pigment, but it is still nice and I think the next shade would be too dark.
💋This bottle should last me until the next GWP in February at Bloomies.
Here’s the original review:
I feel like I tried this foundation when it first came out a couple of years ago although I’m not sure because I’m getting old and forgetful. The years are turning into one big blur of sparkles and lipstick smears. So while I can’t report on my review from the first time around, I can […] Foundation Test Drive: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Foundation makeup, Foundation, makeup artist, Pores, Clinique
Till next time…
! 💋

Merry Christmas!

Right now I’m resting on my bed as I create this post, recovering from TWO Italian Christmas celebrations. Italians eat seven types of fish on Xmas eve. When your boyfriend is also part Italian, that comes out to 14.

This is how I feel:
My fingers are like sausages from the absurd amounts of salt.
Here’s some pictures before I felt like a human aquarium.



Ah yes, my tiny eye. Does that happen to anyone else when they smile? I wouldn’t say my eyelid is lazy, just that it sometimes needs motivation.
Let’s talk makeup:

Eyes: NYX eye base #3 on the lid and under the eyes.
Kiko compact concealer on top
Clinique Rose Wine Eyeshadow (color no longer exists)
NYX Chunky Dunk sheer lip crayon. A perfect red for those who are afraid of red.

Heading towards a food coma.
Till next time…