The Lipstick Project: Clinique Berry Blush

I’ve been with Clinique since 2005 (😳) and I remember these Butter Shine lipsticks were brand new back then. Like a good makeup addict I bought almost every color. Just about ten years later, I still enjoy this lipstick and Berry Blush is easily my favorite color.

What I love:
💋 The texture: A cream-gel formula. Creamy and nourishing on the lips.
💋 The color: A casual light Berry color perfect for everyday or to balance a dramatic eye look
💋 The price: $16.00. Pretty darn fantastic for luxury beauty.

I wish Clinique would add more shades to this line, but since the fashion world is still drooling over mattes I can understand why this wouldn’t happen anytime soon. This lipstick keeps your lips looking moisturized, which is always pretty, and pretty never goes out of style.

Till next time…


4 thoughts on “The Lipstick Project: Clinique Berry Blush

  1. Rose C

    Been using this Berry Blush from the Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine line ever since a co-worker gave me one 15 years ago. Before that I was only using Blistex lip balm. I learned that Clinique discontinued this line Oct 2016. Now I am looking for an equivalent in their Long Last line. I am using the Sugared Maple and Beauty colors but neither one is close to Berry Blush. I am totally bummed and very disappointed about this.


    1. prettyfreshbeauty Post author

      I would say the closest match in texture is the new Glaze texture in the Color Pop collection. Other than that, Dior has a similar lipstick in that cream gel formula. Much pricier though.



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