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Rosaliac AR Intense: Serum wonder for sensitive skin. 

If you read this blog, you’ve learned that my skin can be cray-cray. I have finally found a skincare regimen, and my skin has improved dramatically. Occassionaly I will get a reactive rash, a Rosacea flare up from certain foods, or a mega zit from hormones. Good times. Luckily, I have a secret weapon to help me during those times…

If you have any of those skin concerns I just listed, this stuff may be your new bestie. 

A list of times La Roche-Posay Rosalic A.R. Intense has bailed my ass out of bad skin jail:

  1. This winter was brutal. Sometimes my skin decided it just “couldn’t even”. When the tempatures dipped, I  had red skin on my cheeks, and the wind made it tender. What made it bounce back? This stuff. Boom! 
  2. I recently got off the Gluten Free wagon after I simply could not stand another day of gfree bread. I would have gone back to the G sooner, but the problem was, my skin reacted in a Perioral Dermatitis breakout everytime I tried to eat regular bread and other fun stuff. I decided to push through and continue to introduce it back into my diet. What calmed the POD breakout? This stuff. Bam!
  3. Some times when I try a new product, my skin tells me to piss off* and I get a rash. That’s ok because in 1 day it’s gone from this miracle serum. Shazam!
  4. Hormones suck. They bring tumor zits on occasion which I’ve named “Gerards” after the actor, Gérard Depardieu. Don’t ask why I named them that. I can’t explain the inner workings of my mind. But this stuff can be used to bring down the swelling AND the irritation caused by testing the pimple with salicylic acid. Booshaza! (Ok, that’s not a word). 

*Example of a past skin reaction from a 4% BHA:

(Maybe that one customer was right, I sometimes do look like Lena Dunham).

Rosaliac is not exactly cheap ($36.00), but if you get it from CVS you can use your extra care bucks. Plus one bottle lasts a long time. Totally worth it. 

I can’t wait till the summer when I try it on sunburns and bug bites. Oh wait, yes I can. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

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    Simple Micellar Water: First Impressions…

    Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink. While this looks like water, and is odorless like water, it’s not water. Don’t drink it. 

    This is one of the hot new Micellar cleansing waters on the market. These types of cleansers are able to remove makeup with out having to be rinsed off. Hmmmm…


    The other day my friend messaged me for my opinion on cleansing waters, and I was honest that I’ve never tried one. However, after some research I decided that I NEEDED to try one. Who wouldn’t want to  cleanse their skin fast and without the need to rinse? However, when I tried to research a good one to try, I was pretty bummed.  Many Micellar waters have fragrance. 👎. 

    The  trick was finding one without fragrance. Fragrance is so irritating! Nobody needs fragrance on their face, so why use it? 

    My first choice in sampling this water was the version from my beloved La Roche Posay, but when I saw that fragrance was the last ingredient I was turned off. 

    That’s when I found this bottle from Simple skincare. 

    Pro’s and Con’s:


    • You get a generous amount of product for under seven bucks. 
    • Feels gentle on the face.
    • Contains Niacinamide. That ingredient can increase ceramides and promotes a soft texture for the skin. 
    • Did not cause a breakout*


    • This does not really remove every trace of makeup
    •  Pretty terrible at removing heavy mascara. 

    How did I know that all my face makeup wasn’t removed? I was skeptical and not wanting to risk a breakout, so I washed my face with a foaming soap and my Clinique Sonic brush. The brush had picked up significant traces of makeup! No bueno. Although this cleansing water didn’t break me out, I can see this weak cleansing effort not helping in the long run. 

    So, do you need Micellar water in your life?  That depends. I think the super dry and sensitive skin folks will love this. But anyone with an oily section of their face, like the tzone, will not really benefit as this product doesn’t deeply cleanse. Perhaps some of the pricier Micellar waters may be more effective, but I’m not willing to try any one of them if they have fragrance, and most of them do. 

    Other ways I recommend to use this water:

    • For a quick refresher before reapplying evening makeup for a night out. 
    • To clean up makeup mistakes around the eye. This water is great for that because it can remove shadow, but does not make the skin oily. 
    • To keep by your bedside for the few nights where you just don’t have the strength to wash your face. I’d keep that to a minimum. 

    If these off label benefits interest you, or if you wear very little makeup, then you should consider trying Simple’s version of Micellar water. 

    Till next time…

    Smooches! 💋

    Client of the Day: Neeta 

    This is Neeta. Isn’t she gorgeous?! 


    I met Neeta today when I went to freelance at Macy’s in Willowbrook for the Clinique GWP. Neeta is visiting from Canada, and she wanted to update her makeup supply. 

    On Neeta:

    • Beyond Perfecting Foundation in Beige
    • Intense Peacock Eyeliner
    • Sunset Glow Eyeshadow
    • Sculptionary Blush in Defining Berries
    • After party Lipstick
    • Velvet Rose Quickliner for Lips

    Till next time…

    Smooches! 💋

    Smooches! Some love for Clinique Kissyfit 💋💋💋

    I’m pretty much the worst blogger. I’m taking a picture of a product in my car, as it’s balanced on my leg. So profesh’

    Annnnnyway I’m writing  to proclaim my new love for an old Clinique favorite:

      Kissyfit Long Last Glosswear…


    Kissyfit is featured in the Clinique GWP at Macy’s that is running now. It comes on a double ended stick with Raspberry Glacè on the other end. Just in case you didn’t have 400 other Raspberry Glacès. 

    Back to the love. I’ve worked for Clinique for just about 10 years and I’ve never ever tried this gloss until now. I kinda love it. Look:


    That’s a nice amount of color (no lipstick, just gloss). 

    You like? This gloss can be yours for free, ish. Sort of.

     It comes in a free gift set when you spend 27 dollars at Clinique Macy’s. Check it out!

    Till next time. 

    Smooches! 💋

    Children’s Theater, Grad School, and Spring Break! Oh My!

    Greetings, beauty junkies. I’m just checking in because I’ve been a bit busy. Last week was my “spring break” for grad school. Ha! That’s a joke. I spent the week writing a paper, making contacts for a project due in April, and rehearsing for tech week of a children’s show. I’m exhausted. I need a break. Oh, crap. 

    Here’s my week in pictures:



    🔷 Since this is a makeup blog you may want to know the details of my makeup in the last shot🔷

    Eyes: Autobalm California Palette from The Balm, Ardency Inn Deep Purple eyeliner, Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I’ve blogged about that one several times. I mean, it’s kind of amazing. 

    Bronzer: Hoola bronzer from Benefit

    Lips: The first shade from the pink/berries lip quad from Coastal Scents. 

    Well, that’s all for now. I’ve had a redness attack from skincare/makeup experimentation (stupid, stupid, stupid!) so I’m not in the mood to show my face right now. 

    Oh yeah, and there is that huge paper I have to work on too!

    Till next time,

    Smooches 😘

    Brush-a Brush-a Brusha! Clinique Sonic Purifying Cleansing Brush. 

    I’m in love with this brush, but It was not love at first sight. 

    Let me explain-

    After months of hearing from my Clinique coworkers about the new sonic brush finally coming to Clinique, I was so excited to see the finished product. 

    The first time I got to see the new sonic it was during one of the gift with purchase promotions this past summer. As I was inspecting it I noticed it was not an oscillating brush. I was let down. I figured there could be no way to really clean the skin without oscillating bristles. I was wrong

    Flash forward to now-ish. Well, a week ago. I received the brush as a gift from a friend and I’ve been using it every night to cleanse my skin. 

    I can honestly say that my skin has never looked better. 

    Let’s look at the brush:


    As you can see, the brush is tapered and has two types of bristles. The coarse bristles are green and they are positioned at the point so you can clean around the contours of the nose. The soft bristles are white and they make up 80% of the brush. 

    Because the brush does not rotate you have control over using which bristle you would like. The result is not having a face scrubbed so hard it is almost scratched. 

    I’ve tried a few other brushes, and I always felt they were rough on my skin. Not only that, I seemed to have constant redness or skin eruptions when I was actively using them. My beauty biz friends would say it was because I was unearthing clogging deep within my skin. But it never. went. away. Ever! I always had a pimple here or there, and a red tzone. 

    This is not the case for the Clinique Sonic. 

    When I use the Clinique Sonic my skin is:

    • Gently polished. 
    • Radiant
    • Soft
    • Clean. Really clean

    One of my favorite features about this brush is that it is so easy to clean. Because the bristles aren’t packed as tightly, I can properly rinse my brush clean. Other oscillating  brushes never seemed to be able to be rinsed and so I think bacteria would get trapped. If I were a super sleuth, I would probably say that the pimples came from the other brushes harboring bacteria. 

    Get a gander of my post-sonic scrubbed face:



    No extra redness from scratchy bristles. Just soft, polished and pretty. *Ignore my dark circles. It’s tech week for the children’s show I’m performing in. 

    So while it may not have been love at first sight, I must say I have fallen in love with my Clinique sonic brush. It really does make a difference to the overall quality of my skin. The clogging around my nose and chin is easing up, and my skin feels like a baby’s behind. 

    Till next time,

    Smooches! 💋

    La Roche Posay ANTHELIOS SPF 50 Tinted Sunscreen. 

    I’m confused. I’ve worn sunblock today from 8:30AM into this evening, and my skin is clear. There are no bumps, rashes, or cysts. My skin is the same way I found it pre-sunblock application. 


    I know , Britney. I’m confused too. *P.S. Slow your roll with the self tanner. 

    Could it be? Have I found my Holy Grail of sunblock? (You don’t know how much I hate that expression btw). 

    I have not been able to wear any kind of sunblock on my face in at least three years. Until this…


    (From La Roche Posay’s website)

    The best thing about taking a screenshot of a product on the company’s site, is that all the work is already done. You can have a gander at the selling points they mention, but I can sum up my praise in one word:


    This is my skin after 9 hours of wearing this tinted sunscreen:


    For reference, I have on my Clinique Almost Powder in Neutral as well as my Autobalm California palette from The Balm. The eye sparkles are a lucky photo trick 😉

    You can wear this sunscreen on its own, and because it is tinted it will give you a little bit of coverage. 

    This morning:, just sunscreen:


    OMG I was so tired. I am so tired. Why am I blogging!? I need a post-play rehearsal nap. 

    As you can see, it does not really cover a lot but it is enough for a light makeup look and it makes for a good primer under powder. 

    Let’s look at some pros and cons:


    1. Good for sensitive skin. 
    2. Has a slight tint which can give light concealing. 
    3. Spreads evenly, so only a small amount is needed. 
    4. Fragrance free


    1. The price. 
    2. The price. 
    3. The price.

    $33.50. Yikes. Yup. 

    However, we all know the benefit of buying this line from CVS: EXTRA CARE BUCKS! Not only can you use them on LRP items, but they are currently running a promo: Spend 30.00 in LRP products and get $10.00 in Extra Care Bucks!

    Just so you know, this company has other sunblocks, but this is the one I can use. I used the SPF 60, which is not a mineral sunscreen, and I had a cluster of red bumps after a few hours. I’ve learned to stay away from these ingredients: Avobenzone and  Oxybenzone. Any of the zones really. That sunscreen is supposed to be designed for sensitive skin. If you tend to break out easily, avoid those ingredients and stick with the Titanium Dioxide. 

    To wrap things up, this La Roche Posay sunscreen is not cheap, but the benefit to having clear and protected skin is priceless. 

    Till next time…

    Smooches! 💋