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Foaming Sonic Soaps For Brush Cleansing- What??!!

Brushes. They are essential for applying makeup, but they are a pain in the ass to clean. And yes, you need to be cleaning your brushes frequently. 

You are cleaning them, right? 

Look, I get it. Who wants to wash and wash a brush only to still see that residue? So gross, I can’t. Well, there are excellent brush out there so shush your mouth. My personal favorite is from Beauty Blender. However, I recently tried washing my brushes with foaming face washes and it works even better. You will literally invest three seconds of time per brush. You can handle that, right?

Let’s look at my two recommendations:

I’ve used the Clinique version at work and I just used the La Roche Posay version now. Both work great and uh, btw they are good for skin too. Well, that is what they are made for. Clinique’s version is for all skintypes while LRP’s version is for sensitive/oily skin. 

I used that one to clean all of these brushes:

This is a photo of one of my moving boxes. I’m moving this Saturday and the process has taught me that I am a hoarder of makeup, shoes, and clothes. 

Here’s a pic of my shoe boxes:

God only knows how many pairs are in there. I refused to count. 

Well this has been a fun 10 minute escape from packing, but back to work I go!

Until next time…

Smooches 💋


Ipsy May Glambag:The Contents of My Life

The print on this month’s glambag reads: Contents: My Life. Just like April’s Glambag it is absolutely adorable, right down to the cartoon lipstick next to the caption. While I love my makeup (it’s real, and it’s deep), lately my life is about grad school. That  is why I’ve included a book from one of my classes as a back drop to this picture. It’s the book that just came in the mail for my summer class which begins tomorrow. I should be reading it now, but 5 pages in and I need a break #AttentionSpanOfAGerbil. So let’s talk Glambag!

Just so freakinh cute. Let’s discuss contents, starting with what I love:

  1. Urban Decay Zero Lipliner: I already own this liner, and the new chubby version of it, but I’m happy to have another one. Plus it came with two sample glosses. I would have included them in the pic, but they are in one of my purses and I’m too lazy to find them. #Effort
  2. ItCosmetics CC Cream: Ooo, I love the idea of this, but it smells like a lemon cake. Not like that is a bad thing, but my skin hates fragrance. This may pop up in my June garage sale. I still loved receiving it because I know it has a high value. 
  3. Briogeo Rosarco Milk: a leave in conditioner made with rosehip, argan, and coconut oil. It has a nice smell but it kinda weighs my hair down. Plus,  almost finished with the sample after 2 days. #NotCool #EnoughWithTheHashtags
  4. Klorane Eye Patches: I didn’t get around to using this yet but since my next week consists of starting summer semester while moving from one apartment to the other I am sure I could use the pampering. 
  5. Pretty Eyes Eyeliner in Navy: Ugh. Enough with the navy! This goes for Ipsy AND Birchbox. Seriously, I don’t like Navy eyeliner. What’s wrong with brown or black? This liner is cheap anyway. Not a fan

So while the bag is adorable, it’s contents are just ok. I give it a 4 out of 5. It’s wayyyyy better than my May Birchbox, and for the record my Mad Men Birchbox sucked hard. Ipsy wins this month too. 

Till next time…

#Smooches. 💋 Doh!

The Gost of Lilly Pulitzer For Target Collection

I’m not saying I ever wanted to buy anything from this collection, but I would have liked the opportunity to browse. Some of the stuff looked interesting, the bathing suits especially. However, people barely had a chance to catch it in the stores. From what I heard from Target employees, there was a line of about 150 people waiting before the store open. People were fighting over items and taking things out of other people’s carts. It was like a sad, preppy Black Friday.  

This is all old news, because the collection was a month ago. Bit I’m writing this because I still can’t believe they didn’t give a second go of it. If you search the site now, the only images you’ll find are dismal, and faint gray. Lilly Pulitzer has left the building, but her ghost haunts the website. 

Target, if you release another collection like this, please prepare ahead. Make enough for the rest of your customers who don’t have the time/desire to wait on a massive line and fight with other people. 

Till next time…

Smooches 💋

May Birchbox: A Cupcake Theme with Vanilla Aftertaste

Did May’s Birchbox even happen? Because what I got in the mail today was so bland it can’t be something I paid $10.00 for. 

Let’s have a look:

Did that bore you to sleep? Maybe a cup of snark will perk you up. 

This box’s theme is called Cupcakes and Cashmere. This is a terribly misleading name because it promises awesomeness. What girl does not love cashmere? And don’t even get me started on  the miracle of cupcakes. These two things are amazing- this box, not so much. 

The Contents:

Notting Hill Femme Fragrance by English Laundry: I guess they have another fragrance company other than Mr. Harvey Prince. This fragrance is no better. A strong smell that hits you in your third eye and turns your stomach. My sister would murder me if I wore this in her presence. I think I’d murder myself. 

Harvey Prince Sea Salt Hair: I can’t believe I willingly chose a Harvey Prince sample. It’s because the choose your own sample options were a snooze fest. I figured you couldn’t go wrong with hair stuff. Oddly, this potion smells more like Egyptian Goddess oil than beachy. It makes me want to open a hippie stand and sell essential oils and bajas to tourists. 

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint: Sigh. I said no skincare in my preferences and this is one of TWO skincare products in this box. Besides the fact that this is fragranced, it has sunscreen that begins with and Octi- prefix. That is a breakout waiting to happen. If you are acne prone and your sunscreen starts with that prefix, run the other way. Or just throw it out. That’s a saner approach. 

Marcelle Hydra C 24 hr Energizing Hydrating Gel: I’m about to Hulk out here with the crappyness of this box! Although, I may be stupid enough to give this a shot. It is fragrance free and it does feel cooling on my hand. But that aloe in it. Aloe in my skincare is like begging for whiteheads. 

And finally:

Model Co Party Proof Matte Lipstick: The only thing good in this box. They must have known the way to tame my uneccessary rage would be to put a full size lipstick in there. All is forgiven. Wait, but the color is blah…

Back to sleep I go. Hopefully June will be a lot better. My birthday is in June, so let’s redeem ourselves Birchbox.  K?

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Adventures with How old do you really look? How vain am I? 

So it’s 1AM and I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed- because a cell phone screen will surely help me sleep, right? I come across a friend’s post about, an app that scans your face and determines your age. It seemed to be spot on with her age, so let’s try this out…

Ohhhh, I like this app. I like it ah- lot. Let’s try another…

Ooo, ooo! I’m loving this…

Wait. WTH happened?!! I’m not 37 until June. My boyfriend will be pleased, because this app made him younger. On a side note, my foundation is wayyyy to light with that camera flash. You see how the wrong makeup can age you? Yeah, let’s go with that reason. 

Awww. Me and my sis, being goofy. I’m younger again, and she’s actually 42 but she does look that young for reals. Ok, robot app possibly stealing all my personal information. We’re cool now. 

I need to check this app out with an older person’s pic:

I just love her, and I think she was that age during the Golden Girls. Maybe this app is legit. 

Let’s go older, like oldest person ever!

She looks good for 116. Is she accepting applications for grand children? Cuz  she’s freaking adorable and I want to call her grandma. 

The Crypt Keeper: Age, undetermined. Face, undetected. I guess you are ageless if you are dead. And fictional, like this guy:

Robert Downey Jr.  Because, because, Avengers comes out this weekend. Plus, he’s awesome. 

OMG! I’m 21! I’m able to drink now! drinks on me! 

No. I’m 36, and it’s 2 AM, and I probably won’t sleep because I can’t get The Crypt Keeper out of my mind. Thanks 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋