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National Lipstick Day: It’s a thing, people. 

Happy National Yet Another Holiday Day! Lipstick day is a fun holiday, especially for makeup addicts like myself. It’s zero calories, unlike Hot Dog Day, but not as cool as National Ice-cream  Day which is everyday for me. 

So to celebrate and distract myself from buying more lipstick #addict, I’m gonna share a low key drugstore lip look  followed by a bold luxury brand. Today’s lipstick: 

NYX Matte Lipstick in Natural (e.l.f. Cosmetics liner in Nude Pink)

This lipstick has a matte texture, but it doesn’t suck the life out of you. Plus it is the perfect tone for people who whine about lipstick being too bold. I don’t understand you people. 

If you do like bold lipstick, try this:

Clinique lipstick in Grape Pop

A super flattering shade for many different skin types. Creamy, lasting, and unusually badass (by Clinique standards)

So there you have it. I gotta run now and use my energy to resist buying another lipstick. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋


Throwback Thursday: Raspberry Rush Lipstick. 

I’ve come to view writing these posts as a bit of a stress relief from school. Today’s post is about a throwback lipstick from Clinique: 

Raspberry Rush. 

Note the crinkled packing material in the background. Artistic choice, or lazy photography? Yeah, the second one. 

I just got this bad boy in the mail. It came out around 2005 when i first started working with Clinique, and I haven’t worn it in 5 years. Do not confuse it with Raspberry Glacè; that’s the color in EVERY gift with purchase. Which makes me wonder, do the people who wear Raspberry Glacè ever actually have to buy it? 

Raspberry Rush is from the Butter Shine Collection which is a Shea butter formula with a cream-gel texture. It is soft on the lips, and provides a beautiful berry tone with golden flecks

My theory on gold flecks is as followed:

Gold shimmer = Elegant

Silver Shimmer= 1999, let’s stroll the Jersey Shore boardwalk with shirts that say “Gina and Joey 4 Evah”. I just can’t with silver in lipstick. Sorry. 

Here’s a pic of my lips, cuz you know you need that in your life:

Two different types of lighting, because I’m thorough. I’d post a pic of me wearing this selfie-style but I’m not feeling the selfie today. 

Current mood: Sad otter. 

Alrighty my beauty fiends. I hope you enjoyed this throwback. Back to studying in a bit, but first some mindless tv viewing. Cheers!

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Never Been Concealed: Daily Brightener from Flower Cosmetics 

Drew Barrymore. People who grew up in the 80’s knew her this way:

Heh heh. That picture is great. Oh internet, you rule. 

Kids of the 90’s remember her this way:

(Fun movie. GREAT soundtrack)

And the teens of today know her as the founder of this makeup company:

For those of you unaware, Drew Barrymore has an awesome line of makeup available at Walmart. Now, I’m not really a Walmart kind of gal (team Target, all the way). I think it boils down to not being able to tolerate the smell of Subway sandwiches that seem to haunt the entire store. However, I will drag myself in there to check out stuff from Flower Cosmetics and Hard Candy. 

Here is today’s latest find:

Daily Brightening Undereye Cremè 

The side of this product has the name abbreviated to “DB” which makes my inner twelve year old want to giggle. Get it? 

Ok, I’m immature. Annnnyywayy…

This is an eye brightener/concealer/treatment made with caffeine and hyalouronic acid. Let’s take a photo journey, shall we?

No makeup. So sad. 

Prepping with my favorite eye cream. 

(Fake surprised face). Lots of product comes out so be prepared!

Left side has foundation blended over it. I recommend doing that. 

So far, I’m a fan. The one downside is the limited shades. I am the darkest shade, which is a D4. I’d have to say overall, the whole line could use shade expansions to reflect more diversity. Get to working on that Miss Drew! 

That’s all for tonight. I’ve done a bang up job of procrastinating starting my assignment. Really, if they gave awards for that I’d win everything. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

  • Still here? Good for you. You get to see a random picture of a little Drew and a muppet:

July Ipsy Nope Fest

I’ve named this summer, The Summer of Nope. That’s because I’m enrolled in two grad school summer courses and I have no plans for a vacation until my cousin’s Las Vegas Wedding in October. Any fun until then? Nope. Enough with the therapy session, let’s get to talking about Ipsy’s July bag…

I was thinking about it, and if my July Ipsy bag got into a cage match with my  July Birchbox, no one would win. 

What a snooze fest. Now, I get it. Everyone appreciates different things. There might be someone reading this and saying, “Oh my goodness! an HD powder! I need that.”  Well, I have plenty. I have a mountain of HD powders that could cause an avalanche of free sample destruction. 

I really wish there was a way to never get these three things in a beauty subscription: 1. HD powder 2. Highlighter 3.Navy/Blue Eyeliner. Those seem to be default items and I just can’t stand them. Enough.   

Let’s talk about the rest of the bag:

The bag: Cute. End of description. 

Tarte Park Avenue Princess: This is nice, but I already have a few of those. That’s not their fault though. I’m a makeup hoarder, so hoarders have multiple Tarte bronzers from free gifts and beauty samples. It’s what we do. (P.S. I don’t use them for some reason)

Avenè Cleanance Gel for Oily, Blemish Prone Skin: If it is for blemish prone skin, why does it have perfume? That’s a great way to inspire more pimples. And why do your pores have to be fragranced? Is it supposed to make me feel beautiful or sexy? I don’t think my boyfriend will be attracted to face perfume. What a waste. We could have been good together, Avène. 

be a bombshell French Kiss Lip Balm: This came in a red and a pale pink. I, the dark haired brunette, got the pale pink. 😐 

Octavio La Playa  Sea Salt Spray Infused With Algae Extract: Ok, I love this. This is the one redeeming toy in the bag. I can’t wait to try it, even if it fails, it smells beachy. Authentically beachy. Like sand, suntan lotion, and happiness. Unlike my realistic summer of papers, projects, and Law and Order reruns. So much sadness in that statement. 

Well that’s all folks. Have you enjoyed the snark? I hope your summer is going better than mine, and I hope these subscriptions get it together for August. 

 Until next time…

Smooches! 💋

Birchbox: Fun in the Sun- Or Maybe Just the Kitchen Lighting. 

I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I will never be one of those bloggers chosen for their awesome unboxing photo on Instagram. You know those girls who set up elaborate photoshoots with props and whatnot? Yeah, I took this picture under fluorescent lighting in my kitchen- next to the microwave. 

Now, take in all of the low-budget photo beauty. 

 I’ve been behind on these kinds of postings, but I felt I had to talk about this month’s Birchbox for a few reasons:

  1. It is an excuse to procrastinate from doing an assignment due on Thursday. 
  2. It keeps me from eating my feelings about doing this assignment. 
  3. I felt an overwhelming duty to report/warn about one of the products. So we shall begin there. 

Oribe Après Beach Spray:

Oh. My. Grossness. That smell!  Just, just, not a good time. I can’t describe it, but it rises from your scalp and hits you at the back of your throat. I’m not even sure if this product worked for my hair because I could not get passed the force field of stank invading me. Just, no. No. NO! (My apologies to anyone in my presence for the two days I tried this.)

Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum:

Wow! Skincare and sun protection in one?! Awesome! Wait- the other kinds of non-titanium dioxide sunscreens like Octocrylene and Octisalate? Oh. Then, booooo 👎. You see folks, I could host an entire web series about crap that breaks me out. Those types of sunscreens are a fast track to pimple face. I only use titanium dioxide. However, this product has a luxurious feel, so it seemed like a waste to just throw it out. I decided to use it around my eyes. Probably not recommended, but I’m a freaking rebel for things that are not that high in consequence. 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Bella”

I really wanted to like this, because I already own one or two of these in softer colors. However, this bright color is a punch in the face to other people’s eyes. I guess that could be a good thing sometimes. It looks nice on so many people, (I did some Instagram hashtag stalking), but on my dehydrated lips it quickly cracks and fades into a weird chipped paint effect. Not so Bella. 

Juara Radiance Enzyme Scrub

I generally don’t do scrubs. They piss off the mild Rosacea that I have. I think this has a scent too. Into the garbage it goes. Sorry :/

BALM DESSERT Bronzer/Blush:

I adore The Balm. They not only have great marketing, but kick ass products too. Unlike some companies who just have adorable packaging with benefits, wink wink 😉, The Balm is the entire package. My one complaint about this sample is that it is the size of an eyeshadow in a multi-shadow pallette. It’s tiny, and hard to pick up color onto a big brush. Still, I was happy to receive it and it was a big reason why I chose this box. 

Oh yes, I chose this box. I was lured by The Balm sample plus the Supergoop serum. Did I choose well? Eh, maybe not. But it could have been worse. There could have been another Harvey Prince fragrance inside. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Super Stay Better Skin Foundation. 

Just when I was about ready to get down on one knee and propose to my bottle of Maybelline Super Stay Makeup, they changed the formula! This! This is why I have makeup abandonment issues!

Now, I don’t know if it is officially phased out, but I have seen it marked on clearance so that is usually an obvious hint. 

Here’s it is on the far right, next to its replacement:

Super Stay Better Skin Makeup. 

     It’s ok. Not the worst, but not the best. I basically have three requirements for a foundation:

  1. Don’t break me out. 
  2. Be oil/fragrance free
  3. Don’t break me out.  

     This new foundation passes that test, so I’m pleased in that regard. This makeup is made with Actyl C, which is a more stable version of vitamin C (according to the bottle.) The claims are that it can help with spots, bumps, dullness, and redness in three weeks time. I’ve been using this stuff on my tzone for a week, so in two more weeks I expect to have an amazingly gorgeous tzone- or at least a better version. 

    As for its claims of “Better Skin”, I don’t know. I don’t need my makeup to improve my skin, I just don’t want it to screw it up. 

Here are some swatches for the swatchaholics:

There is no exact color match for the old Classic Beige. There is something called Natural Beige but I found it to be a little too dark. The Nude Beige is peachy/pink (more peach) and the Warm Nude is a bit yellow. I can get away with that for the summer, but my cold weather color is Nude Beige. 


  • Didn’t break me out. 
  • Decent staying power. 
  • Supposed good for skin ingredients.


  • Thicker than the old formula. 
  • Not truly a matte foundation like the old formula. 
  • Not a perfect color match like the old formula. 

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the interwebs for this one. Some bloggers like it, and some feel it is a tragedy. I think I read something about caking on the upper lip and how it nearly destroyed someone. 

Anyway, I say give it a shot and if it doesn’t work out, we can storm the headquarters at Maybelline and demand they bring the old formula back. Hopefully the new makeup works out for both of us, because I’m lazy and that other plan is just exhausting. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

The WTH Lashes from Maybelline

Ok, I’ve been hibernating. It’s been a rough summer between moving and summer classes. However, I decided to dust off this wordpress app after I encountered this in Ulta:

What, the hell is this? Is this a trend?!!! Because I’m here to tell you, it’s not. This is :

  1. I screwed up my mascara. 
  2. I had too many last night and I went to bed with my makeup on. Now I’ve overslept and I’m late for work. I may be fired for arriving like this. 
  3. I was engaging in some wink, wink, nudge, nudge escapades. 
  4. I’m crazy. 

I love Maybelline. Of all the major drug store brands they are the most fun, and an innovative company. But this is awful. This needs to go. Let’s get a close up. 

Chaotic says it all. Now if a young hipster wants to be edgy and channel Tammy Faye Baker for ironic makeup look, then ok I get that. But this is not a mass market look, and if it is I guess I’m the rebel who’s not interested. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋