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it Cosmetics Mascara Review: Hello Lashes! Goodbye Wallet. 

Sometimes I love to watch QVC and HSN, but I’ve never actually order from them. I especially loved the demonstrations of mascara from it Cosmetics. Watching Jamie Kern transform skimpy eyelashes into massive spider-like fans is almost hypnotizing. Yet I could never ever justify spending 24 bucks for a mascara- and I never will. Mascara does not have a long life. That’s burning through 24 bucks in 3 months at the most. I’d rather get a foundation, or two movie tix (4 movie tix for cheap movie Tuesdays  😉 or food. Yeah, food is always good too. But Ulta had their 26 days of beauty event and they had that mascara slashed down to 12 bucks I had to bite. Here’s how it looks:

It’s nice. The lashes look long, but I sort of have long lashes anyway.  I do like the texture, which is kind of soft. It does feel like it’s conditioning the lashes. But how much does that help anyway? I decided to consult an expert for that. By consult I mean look up the review on beautypedia. Here’s what they say:

As for the “treatment” claims: ignore them. This mascara cannot enhance lash growth or increase the thickness of the actual lash, as there are no ingredients in the formula that can achieve those claims.”

This proves my point, but I should also note that they give this mascara a glowing review. It may deserve it in the aspects of length and appearance, but the formula is hardly water resistant. One tear and this stuff starts to run. With a PMS waterworks of tears, this stuff is all over your face and you look like a winning pageant contestant. 

So is this mascara worth the hype? At 12 dollars maybe, but at 24 bucks just go to the drugstore and then hit up the movie theater. 

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Clinique Quickliner for Lips Intense! (Cue Excited Screaming 🙆)

Like Grace Adler once said about her love for fried chicken- my love for these new Intense Lip Liners is real, and it is deep. I’m not sure when the original Quickliners for Lips were made, but I suspect it was in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. I can imagine many a Clinique girl outlining their lips with Chocolate Chip liner and then filling them in with Creamy Nude lipstick. Total hotness.

A few reincarnations of lip liners have come around in the last 10 years. Most of them were wooden pencil and they were all discontinued. At some point it seemed like Clinique just gave up with lip liners. Until these bad boys:

The outside colors match the actual shades. But I’ve done some swatches too, because I’m super dooper profesh’. They don’t pay me the big blogging bucks for nothing. No really, no one pays me. Can someone pay me?

I’m sorry, but could you not die for #’s 1, 2, and 8? 😍

Here are the names (all begin with “Intense”) 

  1. Punch
  2. Passion
  3. Cola
  4. Blush
  5. Sassafras
  6. Cranberry
  7. Cayenne
  8. Jam
  9. Cosmo
  10. Cafe
  11. Hibiscus
  12. Licorice 

I’m a huuuuuuge fan of Jam, Punch, Passion, and Hibiscus.

Here’s a pic of Jam:

(Hastily applied at counter)

It’s a beautiful fresh Berry.

Let’s talk details, mmm k?


  • Vibrant, transfer resistant colors
  • Slightly tacky texture (perfect for lip sticks to stick)
  • Colors suit many if not all of the new Color Pop lipsticks.


  • Still no match for older formulas like Watermelon. :/
  • Twists up, but not down.
  • Can be dry if you fill in whole lip so make sure to put something on top.

Even with the few cons, these liners are kind of a big deal. The shade variety is diverse, and the depth of color punches you right in the face. But, in a good way.

Let’s put all the pics together for a pretty collage because I live for my photo grid app. 

Goodness gracious these are gorgeous. 

My alliteration game is strong y’all.

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Smooches 💋

Au Revoir Ipsy 👋: September’s Farewell Bag. 

September’s Glam Bag was- excuse me I feel a yawn coming on. Zzzzz. 

Crap. Did I fall asleep while posting? Must have been all these neutrals:

I’ve put off reviewing this bag because it’s just not that interesting. Everything about it, down to the golden, scaly bag is just bland. I appreciate the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty. I think the NYX shadows are cute enough:

But there’s only so much of this stuff that I want. So I decided to cancel my subscription and just stick with Birchbox. Yes, I once compared Ipsy and Birchbox as the cool big sister who shows you all new makeup vs the stuffy aunt who gives you brands you never heard of. However, Birchbox is evolving and these are the reasons why I plan to stick with them. 

  1. You can earn points by reviewing samples and use those points towards full size products. The point goals are realistic too. 10 points per product review. I currently have 20 dollars in points. I can get certain things for free AND shipped for free. Ipsy’s point system is harder to earn. A lot of it is about trying to hook friends on social media. I don’t want to be bothered by my friends trying to sell me their nail wraps, leggings, or lashes so I really don’t want to bother them either. 
  2. You can reach human beings at Birchbox. If you have a subscription or order issue, they are prompt about responding back. Ipsy’s customer service is kind of a mystery.
  3. The brand offerings at Birchbox are of a better quality. They are even adding some Estée Lauder brands like Clinique. Ipsy has some good brands like Urban Decay, but a lot of drugstore stuff too. 

So it’s been fun, Ipsy. I’ve had some cute bags and pretty makeup colors, but Birchbox is offering more substance, maturity, and stability at the moment. This sounds a lot like dating. 😕

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Clinique Portly Plum Chubby Lashes> every color mascara ever. 

I’m officially hooked on plum mascara. It happened one day in July at the Lord and Taylor Clinique counter in Rockaway, NJ.  I had just finished a freelancing shift and I bought the new Chubby Lashes mascara from Clinique in Portly Plum. I’m a total beauty junkie, but I’ve never been one to indulge in luxury mascara. But this plum mascara was so gursh durn gorgeous I figured I would give in just once. After my first application I knew I unleashed a magical eyelash beast and there was no turning back. 

To understand my addiction, have a look at some eyeball shots:

EditThe color is subtle, but gorgeous. In fact, in most lighting it looks black. 

Like this:

But if the light hits it just right, you get this:

And that:

Besides the amazing hue, the brush/wand helps to lengthen and define each lash. Oh, and the formula is long wearing. I mean, how many times can this score?


  • Subtle, yet flattering tint of plum perfection
  • Lashes come out long and well defined
  • Long wearing

I tried to cheese out and replace this with lesser brands. My first experience was buying the violet mascara from NYX. My sister described the look as “really bright” and “pink eye”. Hot. Soon after, I found a $2.00 version from Wet n’ Wild. It had a deeper color, but the texture was frizzy. My eyelashes looked like purple yarn. Again, hot. 

I decided to just buy another Portly Plum and I added Visine to my first tube to extend the life of the mascara just a little bit longer. Oh yeah, just an FYI, if your mascara is drying out from daily use just revive it with some drops of Visine. 

OMG, I can’t. Marry me Portly Plum. I may not have a lot of money, but I promise to spend whatever I have on you. 

Till next time…

Smooches 💋

Holy Crap, I Finished Something: AKA Empty Bottle Post. 

Most bloggers are able to write up an “empties” post. That is a post about any samples or full sized products they have used up and how they rate the product after using it. I could never have a post like that because I rarely go through products. I have a limited cosmetic attention span. I get bored reeeeaaally quickly. However, I do have some skincare standbys and I’d like to share a fairly new one with you today. 

Toleriane Dermo Cleanser: Cleansing and Makeup Remover for Face and Eyes. 

Oh btw, most bloggers don’t take a picture of the product when they are lying down. I’m not like most bloggers. #Profesh’

I bought this product in June or July and I am almost finished with it. For reals, check  it out:

I guess it lasted about 3 and a half months. It removes eye and face makeup with ease and it feels incredibly light on the face. Just massage into skin and tissue off. I follow up with a foaming face soap from Cerave. While I feel double cleansing is best, I could condone using this alone once in a while. You know, for the nights where you plop down on your bed, exhausted from a full day. During those times you are permitted to use this. I’m giving you a pass- don’t abuse it. 


  • For all skin types, especially sensitive skin!
  • Fragrance free
  • Easy to use


  • The price (around 23.00)

I like to wait until CVS is having a sale on La Roche Posay or at least wait until you can earn Extra Care bucks. That’s the best way to buy this brand in-store. 

Fun Fact: I began to write this post last night. I typed until I fell asleep holding my phone. I usually do that when I’m scrolling on my FB newsfeed. Or do I mean trolling? And is this post so boring that I actually fell asleep while writing it? But skincare is important y’all. Without good skin, your makeup looks like crap. So don’t be gross. Take your makeup off. 

Until next time…

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Favorite Fall Color: Wine

Everybody is screaming about pumpkin this and pumpkin that, but I’m all, “Hello people?! It’s Wine Season!”

No, put down the glass Boozerella. The color wine or anything close to it. This is the time of year where the stores explode with wine and rich berry tones. Have a look at the Gap:

Love 😍

Apparently, according to many internet memes, this color in the fall is for “basic bitches.” Well color me basic then, bitches. Cuz I loves me some Bordeaux and Merlot tones. And I still like The GAP. So there. 🍷

Today’s post highlights a lipstick from Clinique’s new line of Color Pop lipsticks. I’m a huge fan of the Plum Pop and Grape Pop, but now I’m switching to Berry Pop for the Fall. This berry tone looks like a wine. It’s a rich, statement-making color. 

Let’s have a look:

This is how it is packaged:

*This picture was taken in my car in a Bank of America parking lot. Because that’s how I do my blogging- in between errands. #Profesh’

This lipstick has a creamy feel and a soft shine. It is long lasting, but because the color is deep you NEED a primer. Otherwise you may get those weird cracked berry lips that are 100% unattractive. 

I love this primer from MAC. 

It smooths/fills out the lips and it provides a slightly tacky surface for lipstick to stick to. 

In my opinion, the best way to wear this is with minimal makeup on the rest of the face. Keep the eyes clean and polished. Let your mouth do the talking. As it usually does, because it’s a mouth and all.  

Well, that about wraps up this post. Btw, that’s a horrible transition phrase. I’m going to run to Starbucks and buy as many pumpkin items as I can so I can fully live out the Fall cliché. 

Till next time….

Smooches! 💋

(Resting basic bitch face)