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Marcelle Micellar Water

Life is about getting by with doing the least amount of work possible. Hold up. That’s pretty much the most uninspiring speech ever. I might have to reconsider my future life coach goals. How about this: An ideal skincare plan is minimal effort with maximum results. Ok, better. 

I present to you a mirical elixir for lazy girls everywhere:

 Marcelle Micellar Water


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I’ve done a blurb on this type of product before when I covered Simple’s version. That brand broke me out, and most other “waters” have fragrance. Thumbs way down for that 👎. However, after hearing good things about Marcelle’s version I decided to cash-in some Birchbox points and give it a ago.


  • Minimal ingredients is salicylic acid for exfoliating. 
  • Fragrance free
  • Removes face and eye makeup
  • Retails for 20.00 at Birchbox (you can use points though, so I got mine practically for free). 

I’ve been using at this every night for a week with zero breakouts. It makes my skin feel so soft.  I make sure to take care of it with deeper sonic cleansing in the morning. I no longer use my Clinique sonic brush twice a day, but my skin is cool with just once. 

The only problem is that I’m going though my bottle pretty fast. I love using it so I think I’m over-using it if that is even possible. This stuff is so refreshing it is perfect for a quick lazy cleanse at the end of the night, or freshening up during the day before you reapply makeup. I’m using this often like a constant water fountain of glorious laziness. The good thing is that there are alwaysmore birchbox   points to cash-in. 

If you are a lazy girl (or guy) looking to cleanse your skin without scrubbing or fussing, this is perfect for you. 

Till next time…Smooches! ❤️

*Still there? I initially wrote this post because I couldn’t sleep. Now, I’m tired and drowsy and quite possibly writing this post in my sleep. Please excuse any ramblings. . 


Tarte 12 Hour BB Primer

I’m like “Hey what’s up hello? It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post.”  Ok I don’t even like that song and I’m 100 years old. However, I was inspired with a recent product:

But first I made some unrelated memes to further my procrastination against doing an annotated bibliography for school. 

Those memes are 100% truth. Still with me?

Anyway, I recently decided I wanted a primer. I love my Better Skin Foundation from Maybelline, and even though it doesn’t break me out it does clog my pores. I stress the importance of primers to my clients but, truth be told  they pretty much break me out. So do BB creams. I’ll start the day with a clear face and by 9pm I have bumps. Bumps on my cheeks, and if I keep it up a relapse of Perioral dermatitis. Not a good look. But I decided to take a risk and try a sample of the Tarte BB primer from Sephora. I’ve heard good things. 

I took two samples (light and medium). The medium was a better match:

Excuse the schnozzola, but that is a test of a primer. Does it blur pores? Yes.  Yes it does. 

As you can see it does nothing for raccoon/panda eyes, so here is a picture with concealer. Also blush and mascara. And lipstick (unrelated to panda eyes). 

*Thank you to my sister, Valerie for my star necklace. 

I decided to use this stuff alone because I felt like I didn’t need extra. You may find you want your foundation on top if you don’t like a light look.

Let’s pros and cons this bad boy:


  1. No breakouts.
  2. No clogging. 
  3. Blurred pores. 
  4. Available in travel sizes too.
  5. Has diamond dust in it. Who cares though
  6. SPF 30!


The price! 14 dollars for a half ounce and 36 for a full ounce. Did you do the math though?  That doesn’t make sense. A full ounce should at least be 28 or slightly less. It seems like a no brainer to get the small size. Don’t tell the Tarte people. 

So a BB Cream and a Primer all in one. Available  in a product that doesn’t break me out. I feel like I’ve found the mythical unicorn of the makeup world. 

Till next time. 

Smooches 💋