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SHISEIDOSynchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20: First Impressions

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Where have I been? I guess I fell into a black hole of grad school papers and projects. However, I’m back for my seven followers (maybe just six now) and I’m here to post just for the holiday. Because nothing says “Irish” like a new foundation from Japan. For reals, I received a sample and I wanted to talk about it. 

I just started freelancing for Shiseido, and I was excited to try a sample of their newest foundation, Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20. 

I present:

(Photo from Sephora but this can be purchased in-person at Lord and Taylor and Macy’s)

This is a lightweight, oil-free foundation which “harmonizes” with your skin. Oh and it’s also long wearing. 
Let’s see it in action:

  (Taken around 11 am).

*Note: In the picture on the right, I added their stick concealer. It’s similar to the amazing concealer from their sister company, Cle de Peau, but it costs much less. 

Btw, my foundation shade is the third shade level in neutral. It also comes in a rose and warm undertone. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Did NOT break me out. No bumps, no tumor zits. Nada. Amen
  • Long lasting. This wore well until the time I took it off. A little shine started on the forehead and nose by the 7th hour. 
  • No primer necessary. But honestly, I’m not one to use primer anyway. 
  • This is going to be your holy grail foundation for the summer. I really hate that expression but I must call it as it is. 


  • Price is 45 dollars, but a little goes a long way. It is long lasting too. Seems like you get your money’s worth. 
  • Some more shade options would be nice for deeper skin tones. 

Let’s see how it looked at the end of the day:


As you can see, humidity is starting to happen here in New Jersey. Hence the Jersey curls. Current look: Simba’s angry. 

The verdict: Get this foundation. Get it no matter if you are oily, combo, or dry. It’s for all skin types and let’s be real, we all sweat in the summer so this is a perfect fit for that. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋


New Chubby Stick Foundation From Clinique!

I’ve been waiting for these to come out for some time now. Any of my makeup artist friends know that I am a fan of crayons and anything portable, also lipsticks, lipgloss, shadow palettes, ok fine. I’m a makeup addict. But what I love more than makeup is makeup that’s convenient. 

I present:

Clinique Chubby in the Nude foundation Stick

(Record scratching sound). Yeah, that’s the name. Can’t say it’s a winner. Not to be offensive, but don’t go googling the product by its name. It’s a little scandalous. 

My personal name I would offer for this is Fuller Foundation. But alas, I do not work for marketing. 😏

Annnnnyway, let’s look at a few swatches. 

(I did this quickly at Sephora. There are more shades, but this is Alabaster, Chamois, Clove and Beige. *Insert funny adjectives before each name. I kinda forgot them). #bloggeroftheyear. 

My shade is #7 which is the Capricious Chamois. That is the third shade from the lightest and it has golden undertones (but not super yellow). 

Here’s how it looks under my eyes, on my nose, and covering a blemish on my cheek. 

 Your eyes do not deceive you, that is a picture of Yanni photobombing me. It was drawn by my talented friend, Hermes Almeida. To be technical it is a picture of Yanni, Rev. Run and Prince Charles in Run DMC gear. Long story, but it’s kind of awesome. 

First Impression Pros and Cons:


  • Lightweight
  • Creamy
  • Good coverage 
  • Oil free


  • Does not fully cover undereye area but it does a decent job. 
  • The product name. That name!

Retails for 24 bucks (department store pricing) but Clinique is always a safe bet for sensitive skin so it’s worth it. 
Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation from Maybelline. 

When it comes to makeup, I can be fickle. Have a looksie at my lipstick supply. I try so many different things and the products collect until I toss some in fear of making a TLC hoarders’ show. True, I have some standbys like my skincare and my new fav full coverage makeup, Beyond Perfecting. However I will always have the curiosity to try something new. Perhaps I like playing Russian roulette with my skin or maybe I am just a true Gemini. Either way, I was recently curious to try this:

What I told myself was that I wanted a lightweight foundation on the days I didn’t feel like full coverage. I already had a go-to powder from Clinique and bb cream (from Tarte), but this lightweight moussey matte tube had me curious. A makeup that hydrates and mattifies? Well that’s just crazy talk. 

I first went with Pure Beige because the only tester color, Natural Beige 75 was sold out at one location. Pure Beige was a tad light so I brought myself over to the Ulta in Clifton, NJ and luckily they had Natural Beige. Here’s how it looks:

Disregard the bad lighting. 

I likey. I likey a lot. It feels a lot like an old foundation color tint from Clinique called Moisture Tint. How I miss that product. 

Let’s look at ingredients:

Ah yes, sodium hyaluronate. That seals moisture in. Plus water is the first ingredient. 

But what does Ulta.com say about it?:

As you can see it is for normal to combo skin so  I guess super oily types are not invited. Sorry. 

Now when I try a new foundation here are my concerns:

  1. Will it make me break-out?
  2. Will it activate my manageable Rosacea?
  3. Will it last throughout the day?

Answers: 1. No, 2. No, and 3.Sort of

No bumps or redness by the end of day 1 and the color lasted long enough for a light tint. 

*Currently Ulta has a buy one get one half promo so I got this and their new mascara plus used a 3.50 off 10 coupon. Both together came to around 12. 

Who should try this?

  • Normal to combo types
  • Those who like a no-makeup look (yet want to look fresh)
  • Beauty on a budget folks
  • People who feel the need to try new things. (Me). 
  • Who can’t let well enough alone. (Me)

This velvet makeup feels good on the skin and certainly does not disappoint. I will keep you posted if a delayed breakout happens. I know you’ll be at the edge of your seats waiting to hear. Or not.

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer = 1 Amazing Product

Every so often I churn out a blog post for the 7 followers I think I have. One is actually my mom, so really I should be saying 6. Anyway, if you follow this blog you may remember that  I posted on this foundation when it first came out. I compared it against Stila’s foundation/concealer combo. The Clinique version won, hands down. Despite its victory, I got away from using it on the daily. (Btw that’s  an expression that I’m 20 years too late for.) But it really is an amazing foundation and this post will review the reasons why. 

Picture: Clinique.com

First, let’s look at some customers wearing Beyond Perfecting in various shade levels:

And me, wearing my new favorite shade, 6.5 Buttermilk:

I generally use this foundation under my eyes, and in the tzone. The picture on the right is a full application that I used on stage. 


I really love how long this foundation lasts. Most foundations evaporate and become a distant memory by the end of the day. This stuff holds on.  Also, I have super sensitive/breakout prone skin. This foundation does not make me break out and it despite it’s thick texture it does not clog my pores. 🙌 Lately, I am just wearing this product without additional concealer. First I apply the product under my eyes, touch up the tzone, and them go back under my eyes. No more doubling up on concealer (although corrector is never a bad idea). 


It comes in a glass bottle and it is not easy to travel with. It’s also somewhat impossible to pour a little out into a travel case. 

My shade is a 6.5 which is the PERFECT shade for moderately fair olive/peach skin. I just pray they don’t ever discontinue it. Are you reading this, Clinique? It’s so hard to find a good match for olive skin. Don’t ever discontinue this shade. Please. With a cherry on top, etc. 

This fabulous 2 in 1 products retails for 27.00 for a full ounce. The trick is to build up the coverage a little bit at a time. A little goes a lonnnng way. Oh, and it’s oil and fragrance free too. Perfect!

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

(Still here? Here is a picture after wearing for 10 hours. It’s faded under my eyes a bit, and the dressing room lighting is bad but you get the idea. All I will need is a touch-up under the eyes) 

Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty: Say that three times. 

You have probably already read some glowing reviews on this product. Well, SPOILER ALERT: This review ain’t one of them. 

Aww boo me, right? Listen, I have always have a soft spot for Stila. Back in 2005, Stila was my first freelance makeup artist gig. The company has changed considerably since then. Although I love some of their products I do miss the Janine Lobelle glory days. Enough reminiscing, let’s get down to business. 

This is the Medium shade. Looks dark, right? Well the reality is, it goes on much lighter. Let’s compare perceptions now, shall we?

Stila’a Description: This first-to-market, skin-perfecting, natural matte foundation has an innovative bouncy, putty texture which allows perfect pickup and buildable, undetectable coverage that looks like skin, not makeup. It goes on like a cream and blends seamlessly with a powder-soft mattified finish that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation. Complexion instantly looks smoother, and imperfections and uneven skin tone virtually disappear, for a poreless, perfected skin appearance.”

The reality:

  • The texture has minimal bounce. 
  • There is no cream texture. It’s a little on the drier side. 
  • Makeup is undetectable because coverage is so, so minimal. 
  • Pores kinda sorta disappear.
  • Looks lighter on than in the compact. The result: Vanessa The Friendly Ghost. Or maybe The Snarky Ghost. Whatever. 

Let’s look at some pictures:

Pre-Putty. No makeup. 

Post-puddy. Ehhh. 

As you can see, it is a touch too light and my skin kind of felt dry, yet my tzone got oily as the day went on. 

Oh, here is a picture with full makeup added in. Cuz I’m vain:

So with blush and concealer, I guess it is acceptable. But I wanted to wear this alone, on no-makeup look makeup days. So at 39 bucks, it’s unacceptable. AND, it started to break me out  (sad face). 

I was so excited for this makeup. I stalked two Ulta locations until it finally came in. Luckily it coincided with their 20% coupon. However, even that price is way too much for something that is not perfection. Back to the store it went. 

I guess I shall continue with my Maybelline Better Skin Foundation and Clinique Perfectly Real Powder combo. Why mess with perfection?

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Super Stay Better Skin Foundation. 

Just when I was about ready to get down on one knee and propose to my bottle of Maybelline Super Stay Makeup, they changed the formula! This! This is why I have makeup abandonment issues!

Now, I don’t know if it is officially phased out, but I have seen it marked on clearance so that is usually an obvious hint. 

Here’s it is on the far right, next to its replacement:

Super Stay Better Skin Makeup. 

     It’s ok. Not the worst, but not the best. I basically have three requirements for a foundation:

  1. Don’t break me out. 
  2. Be oil/fragrance free
  3. Don’t break me out.  

     This new foundation passes that test, so I’m pleased in that regard. This makeup is made with Actyl C, which is a more stable version of vitamin C (according to the bottle.) The claims are that it can help with spots, bumps, dullness, and redness in three weeks time. I’ve been using this stuff on my tzone for a week, so in two more weeks I expect to have an amazingly gorgeous tzone- or at least a better version. 

    As for its claims of “Better Skin”, I don’t know. I don’t need my makeup to improve my skin, I just don’t want it to screw it up. 

Here are some swatches for the swatchaholics:

There is no exact color match for the old Classic Beige. There is something called Natural Beige but I found it to be a little too dark. The Nude Beige is peachy/pink (more peach) and the Warm Nude is a bit yellow. I can get away with that for the summer, but my cold weather color is Nude Beige. 


  • Didn’t break me out. 
  • Decent staying power. 
  • Supposed good for skin ingredients.


  • Thicker than the old formula. 
  • Not truly a matte foundation like the old formula. 
  • Not a perfect color match like the old formula. 

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the interwebs for this one. Some bloggers like it, and some feel it is a tragedy. I think I read something about caking on the upper lip and how it nearly destroyed someone. 

Anyway, I say give it a shot and if it doesn’t work out, we can storm the headquarters at Maybelline and demand they bring the old formula back. Hopefully the new makeup works out for both of us, because I’m lazy and that other plan is just exhausting. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋


There are some tough foundations out there. Some are so bad ass, you can use them as concealer too. The two foundations in this battle are the new Beyond Perfecting Foundation in #5 Fair and Stila Stay All Day Foundation in #5 Hue. (I guess this is also the battle of the #5 foundations.) 

Swatch time!

Now, let me be clear. I am not interested in putting full coverage foundation on my face- this is just for under my eyes. I’m happy with my mousse bb cream from La Roche Posay. But I’m always on the lookout for ways to cover my dark circles. 

Some notes:

  1. I’ve tried Beyond Perfecting when it first came out, but I recently swatched myself to this color for my eye area. 
  2. I’ve tried the Stila formula a long time ago. I have no idea what color I used. 
  3. The first round of pictures is just the foundation. The second picture is with corrector added in. 


Dear Lord, I look exhausted. And stressed. Someone slap some concealer on me!

That’s better. Ok, so the Stila color is a bit yellow. In person it actually looks too dark. The Clinique color is peachy, and you know how I feel about peachy. Peachy is perfection. I find it is brightening. 

Next pic…

I took off the Clinique side and used the Clinique Airbrush Concealer in Medium. That’s a fantastic, lightweight correcting color. Then I reapplied BP on top. 

For the Stila side, I added in the concealer which is hidden in the cap of the foundation. 


💋 Clinique’s BP foundation is $27.00 and Stila’a  is 44.00. The Stila one comes with concealer in the cap. The Clinique one can be used as concealer also. 

💋 Both are oil free and fragrance free, although the Stila formula is beginning to bother my right eye as I’m working on this blog post. The Clinique combo feels lightweight. 

Final verdict? 

I think Clinique wins this round for me. Remember, I’m just using this under my eyes, so keep that in mind.

This battle was fun. Not as fun as the rap battle in Teen Witch, but fun. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋