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Instagram vs Reality

I’m a makeup artist who rarely wears a great deal of makeup. Most days I run out of the house to get Smarshmucks without much makeup on at all (I bet you can’t guess that name. #slick). Many times I’m people watching, but sometimes I engage in conversation. When I tell people that in addition to grad school, one of my two or three jobs is being a makeup artist, I get a puzzled look. This is because I usually look like this:

Ok, picture non-styled hair. I’m not that brave to do no makeup AND scrub hair in this post. 

My usual “I tried” look is not much more:

(Foundation, blush, mascara and a strong lip). 

But today I had a conversation with a gentleman about makeup, particularly Instagram styled makeup. I explained my appreciation for the art form, but how I would never leave the house that way. This is mostly because I’m just not comfortable; however, I was looking for an excuse to procrastinate and put my nervous energy to good use. )I start the second two classes of my four classes summer tomorrow. Ay yah yahhhy.)

So here is a heavy makeup look I created and I will list the products below:

This is the amount of product I used


❣Beyond Perfecting #9 Neutral. My summertime tan color. Usually I’m a 4 in the winter, 6.5 in spring/early summer, and now 9 after a tan. 

❣Chubby in the Nude: Clove as contour. 

❣ Dark blush in elf quad

❣Shadows: purple from NYX on lid. Mystery, transforming pearl on lid from itcosmetics, fate nd desire blended in. 

❣ Maybelline waterproof mascara

❣ Urban Decay vice lipstick in Moshpit. 

Verdict: Too heavy. I think I will stick to my usual. FYI Moshpit is an awesome lipstick. I will wear it alone, without competing eyes to throw it all off. 

Till next time. 💋 Smooches!


Brows Gone Wild 🐛🐛

What the hell has happened to eyebrows on social media? 

There, I said it. Look, I get the whole “Eyebrows are the frame to the windows of the soul” idea (I love when the makeup world gets deep btw), but sometimes frames are so heavy they are going to make the whole foundation crack. 

There are people out there who do amazing eyebrows. I love these looks because they are polished and pretty and do not OWN the face. 

*Side note: There are plenty of bad pictures of brows on Insta. However I am not going to post those because although I’m snarky, I’m not a jerk. AND, I’m far from perfect. I make mistakes too. 

Here is a visual story about my own recent adventure with a brow-dip fail:

So I see this brand of brow pomade at CVS called Ardell, and I’m intrigued. I’ve always used liners and powders, but I was curious to try a pomade. AND it was around 7 dollars and I had a 25% coupon- sold. I get home and decide to just wing it and not even look at the directions. I lightly dipped the spool into the jar and brush on my brows. 

This is what happened:


Full on Cara Delevingne without her looks or money. 

Right before I could wash it off the Verizon guy comes to my apartment to fix my TV I’m sure he wanted to fix the brows too.

I decided to try again today. Instead of slapping it on blindly, I read the directions and achieved a normal human-being brow. 

*One brow is slightly more structured. I’m still trying to find a balance. 

Let’s look at a side by side for proof that normal human-being brows are the way to go. Oh, and also a reminder to always follow directions:

We all can make mistakes. However, it’s important to learn from them, and more importantly, learn not to post these mistakes on Instagram with the hashtag #browsonfleek. 

Tell next time…

Smooches! 💋