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Super Sweet 16: The Sara Edition. 

My sweet 16 was all the way back in 1994. I had a big party at a venue called The Zeris Inn, and my sister Valerie planned the entire thing. Tonight, history repeated itself as my niece Sara celebrated her sweet 16 at the same restaurant and Valerie, her mother, planned the entire thing.

Everything from the center pieces to the candles and the ornate candy bar was crafted by Valerie. I’m in awe at how she can pull things together. 

My niece was a goddess in rose gold

There she is pictured with my sister, Valerie. 

Since this is a makeup blog, I guess you’d like some makeup highlights. 

I did Sara’s makeup using the Naturally Pretty Palette from It Cosmetics. The lilac and pink shadows made her  green eyes pop. Her foundation is the Ivory shade of Beyond Perfecting from Clinique. Is there another foundation as amazing? I think not. Her blush is the elf cosmetics light blush quad, and her lipstick is from Kiko Milano. The shade was a trend item and no longer available, so why give you false hope? Plus I’m in bed as I write this and I do not have the energy to search for it. #bloggeroftheyearrighthere. 

I should note that my day was spent doing homework for a few  followed by doing Sara’s makeup. When I finally got to my own, I was so stressed that the vein was bulging out of my forehead. You can witness this in my before and after transformation below:

Makeup: Clinique Beyond Perfecting 6.5, itCosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette, Jouer Tint in Poppy, Marc Jacobs lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 

Btw, that shrug there is something I bought a long time ago when Loehmann’s was still open. It is from Lulu Guiness and it was just about the best 20 bucks I ever spent. I wore it to this event as well as other events. I will wear it to your children’s weddings and their children’s weddings. We will all quietly understand that I am going to wear this so much that you will bury me in it.

I’m sorry, but isn’t my niece gorgeous? 😍

I’m going to go for now. My fingers are swollen from the amount of sodium I consumed tonight. It’s hard to type, but I will leave you with a 

Till next time…

and a

Smooches! 💋

Still here? Here’s a bonus pic of a table shot from my sweet 16 in 1994. 🙊


it Cosmetics Mascara Review: Hello Lashes! Goodbye Wallet. 

Sometimes I love to watch QVC and HSN, but I’ve never actually order from them. I especially loved the demonstrations of mascara from it Cosmetics. Watching Jamie Kern transform skimpy eyelashes into massive spider-like fans is almost hypnotizing. Yet I could never ever justify spending 24 bucks for a mascara- and I never will. Mascara does not have a long life. That’s burning through 24 bucks in 3 months at the most. I’d rather get a foundation, or two movie tix (4 movie tix for cheap movie Tuesdays  😉 or food. Yeah, food is always good too. But Ulta had their 26 days of beauty event and they had that mascara slashed down to 12 bucks I had to bite. Here’s how it looks:

It’s nice. The lashes look long, but I sort of have long lashes anyway.  I do like the texture, which is kind of soft. It does feel like it’s conditioning the lashes. But how much does that help anyway? I decided to consult an expert for that. By consult I mean look up the review on http://www.paulaschoice.com beautypedia. Here’s what they say:

As for the “treatment” claims: ignore them. This mascara cannot enhance lash growth or increase the thickness of the actual lash, as there are no ingredients in the formula that can achieve those claims.”

This proves my point, but I should also note that they give this mascara a glowing review. It may deserve it in the aspects of length and appearance, but the formula is hardly water resistant. One tear and this stuff starts to run. With a PMS waterworks of tears, this stuff is all over your face and you look like a winning pageant contestant. 

So is this mascara worth the hype? At 12 dollars maybe, but at 24 bucks just go to the drugstore and then hit up the movie theater. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋


Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a! Mini Brush Set from It Cosmetics. 

Makeup goes on better with brushes. Everyone knows that. Even the girl who barely wears makeup knows that. But brushes take up a lot of freaggin room in a purse! I need maximum space to carry 5 to 7 lipsticks, my phone, wallet, coupons, gum, and spare ketchup packets. (Starbucks makes a mean turkey bacon and egg white sandwich yet they REFUSE to carry ketchup in their stores, so I BYOK).

Long story short, I need my space and I can’t stand the idea of a long makeup brush poking out of a bag. 

What’s a girl to do?  


It Cosmetic’s for Ulta’s mini brush set. High quality, fluffy synthetic brushes that do not take up precious purse space. The whole thing is about the size of a Galaxy or IPhone 6Plus, but not nearly as expensive. 

This set, and another 3 mini brush set of theirs both go for $19.00. 

You can even fit an extra brush or two in there. I’ve added the fluffy shadow brush from the other set, and this completes my must have mini set for makeup on the go. 

You may ask yourself, “Vanessa, why don’t you just use regular brushes at home?”  Good hypothetical question. 

If you know me, you’ll know that my makeup is generally done in my car (parked) five minutes before I enter my destination. There is no self discipline to allow myself time to take care of makeup at home. Plus, daytime car lighting is the best lighting, and also makes for a great selfie…

It’s heavenly, ain’t it? 

So even though I have a ton of regular brushes, I really only use these. They are not much more than a Real Techniques mini set, and the quality is impressive. 

 Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette: Polished Perfection.

There are a lot of palettes out there- from luxury brands like Urban Decay to drug store beauty like NYX. Even Maybelline recently came out with a nude palette. So many choices can make your head explode.

Well that’s not pretty.

Today’s post is on a palette that I think is perfect for a few different types of women:
1. Women who are concerned about aging around the eye area
2. Women who need a break from glitter
3. Women looking for a classic, polished kind of pretty

Does this sound like you? Then allow me to introduce you to


This is a lovely palette which has 14 matte shades and one “Transforming Pearl” shade for the girls in shimmer withdrawal. They have a newer version of this palette called “Celebration” but I decided to go original gangsta on this one. I got mine at Ulta with my 20% coupon which is good until Christmas (I think). I recommend finding this on promotion because the original price is $42.00. That’s on the low end compared to Urban Decay and Smashbox, but coupons make everything better. Coupons and chocolate.

Let’s have a look at a basic look created with the Love, Soulful, Sunset, and Java colors…


The colors glide on like a dream- no constant brush swishing and dipping necessary. The lasting power? INSANE. Nothing creased by 4:45 pm and the Java liner was still intact. On a side note, the palette is slim and lightweight. I can’t stand clunky palettes. Ain’t nobody got time or room for those.


Here’s what the It Cosmetics folks say about their product:

A true beauty breakthrough! Contains 14 luxe anti-aging silk-infused eye shadows that are all matte, but can transform into pearl shades instantly with the tap of a brush! Using It Cosmetics proprietary pearl transforming shade included in the palette, you can take the matte shades to a soft pearl with a simple swipe!

Includes Hydrating Age Reverse and Prevent Complex and infused with Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Silk, Anti-Oxidants and Drops of Light Technology. Paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, cruelty free.

Let’s connect all the pictures together for the people who need side by side comparisons:


I may add looks to this post as I experiment with the palette, but overall I am very pleased, even with this simple look. This palette is a must have because it gives you so many matte shades. Glitter and shimmer catch the eye, but a matte shadow holds a look together. Most palettes give you 2-5 matte shades at most. This is a palette you can keep on hand and mix with all of your favorite shimmer shadows.

I haven’t worn this around my boyfriend just yet but I suspect he will be a fan because men folk always seem to want their ladies to look “natural”. That is, until they see what natural truly is. I have a sense they would prefer this type of “natural” instead.

Till next time…