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Super Sweet 16: The Sara Edition.Β 

My sweet 16 was all the way back in 1994. I had a big party at a venue called The Zeris Inn, and my sister Valerie planned the entire thing. Tonight, history repeated itself as my niece Sara celebrated her sweet 16 at the same restaurant and Valerie, her mother, planned the entire thing.

Everything from the center pieces to the candles and the ornate candy bar was crafted by Valerie. I’m in awe at how she can pull things together. 

My niece was a goddess in rose gold

There she is pictured with my sister, Valerie. 

Since this is a makeup blog, I guess you’d like some makeup highlights. 

I did Sara’s makeup using the Naturally Pretty Palette from It Cosmetics. The lilac and pink shadows made her  green eyes pop. Her foundation is the Ivory shade of Beyond Perfecting from Clinique. Is there another foundation as amazing? I think not. Her blush is the elf cosmetics light blush quad, and her lipstick is from Kiko Milano. The shade was a trend item and no longer available, so why give you false hope? Plus I’m in bed as I write this and I do not have the energy to search for it. #bloggeroftheyearrighthere. 

I should note that my day was spent doing homework for a few  followed by doing Sara’s makeup. When I finally got to my own, I was so stressed that the vein was bulging out of my forehead. You can witness this in my before and after transformation below:

Makeup: Clinique Beyond Perfecting 6.5, itCosmetics Naturally Pretty Palette, Jouer Tint in Poppy, Marc Jacobs lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. 

Btw, that shrug there is something I bought a long time ago when Loehmann’s was still open. It is from Lulu Guiness and it was just about the best 20 bucks I ever spent. I wore it to this event as well as other events. I will wear it to your children’s weddings and their children’s weddings. We will all quietly understand that I am going to wear this so much that you will bury me in it.

I’m sorry, but isn’t my niece gorgeous? 😍

I’m going to go for now. My fingers are swollen from the amount of sodium I consumed tonight. It’s hard to type, but I will leave you with a 

Till next time…

and a

Smooches! πŸ’‹

Still here? Here’s a bonus pic of a table shot from my sweet 16 in 1994. πŸ™Š


Ten days until Valentine’s Day!


Well, that’s a bit much.

Valentine’s Day may not be tons of fun, but you know what is? 


A new, seasonal lipstick from Kiko Milano. If that packaging isn’t adorable enough, look at the inside:



It’s heart shaped ❀️. 

This lipstick is only 7 bucks and it is the plum lipstick of Kiko Milano’s Endless Love collection. 


(Btw I’ve now included two old-people references in this post. The young millennials are going to be so lost.)

This super fun lippy (ew, did I just write that?) comes in 6 shades. The one I chose is Passion Plum. I love it because of the subtle gold flecks mixed in. 

Let’s see how it looks:


(You can see a bit of the sheen)

Pros and Cons time!


  • Affordable 
  • Adorable packaging
  • Beautiful shade (Passion Plum)
  • Non-drying.
  • The packaging! 😍😍😍


  • I don’t think they have a shade like this all the time πŸ‘ŽπŸ» It’s easily the prettiest shade in the whole store. 

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance, and may we all find:

(Another old-people reference)

Till next time…

Smooches! πŸ’‹

The Lipstick Project: Kiko Milano Smart Lipstick 917

It’s a snow day here in NJ on this Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil laughed at us after he declared 6 more weeks of winter. It seemed like a no brainer when I looked out the window this morning:

Yup, winter will be stalking this area for a while.
Anywho, I’m not in the mood for makeup. I’m keeping it light to compliment my sloppy, winter vagrant look so I wanted a subtle lipstick for today.
I went with this duo from Kiko Milano:

The liner and lipstick are both from their Smart Line. Why is it called Smart? I’m not sure. Here are some theories.
πŸ’‹ Doesn’t dry the lips
πŸ’‹Liner and lipstick together combined cost 11 dollars

Here’s a swatch:


*Excuse the epic vein

Well it’s time to dig my car out of the snow and then dig myself out of a pile of homework for school.

Till next time…

Happy New Year!!! NYE Makeup Recap

I’m feeling pretty full. It’s been an indulgent week of seafood, sweets, and wine. Well, the wine part was just last night. I’m not much of a drinker, so more than two glasses is kind of a big deal for me.

How I feel today

(Photo credit: Disney. Naturally)

Before I turned into Gus from Cinderella, I rang in the new year with rich bronze and gold shadows topped off with a merlot lip:

Is the lip Merlot? I’m not sure. It’s #614 from Kiko Milano. I topped it off with a golden shimmery gloss from Milani. It’s the closest I will edge towards anything resembling the 2015 Marsala tones. Sigh, I miss Radiant Orchid already.
The eyeshadows are mainly from the original Lorac Pro Palette. I used these particular shades:
Lt Bronze
But the real beauty here, is this one shade from the Anastasia Bold and Beautiful Kit:

I used that shade on my lids and worked with the Pro Palette for the rest of the eye.
I chose this look to compliment the black, gold and silver details in the top I was wearing.

Oddly enough, my boyfriend’s sister had a top on with the same color scheme. Although our tops were different, we looked coordinated enough to be back-up singers for the band playing.


Those are clementines in our hands. We heard it’s good luck to eat them on NYE, and on a side note they were delish
Till next time…