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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick: A Tale of Insanity. 

Today was the day. 100 new lipstick colors from Urban Decay were released out into the wild. Do you know what I did today? I worked just about 12 hours between 2 different jobs and the second job was 7 hours of selling a different brand of makeup to cranky customers, but I STILL summoned the strength to make my way to Ulta to pick out my 1 out of 100 shade

So this happened:

Ok, so that’s not all of them, but it certainly is a lot. I felt like a leopard. Those poor Ulta employees. I feel your pain. I am your pain. 

Oh, were you looking to find an organized blogger who labels each swatch? Send me a link to her blog, because I’m looking for that post too. I have no idea what colors I’m looking at. I can say, that some of my favorites were Ravenswood, Moshpit, and Zzz

Hey, here’s the display:

*Not the full 100. Certain stores have certain colors. 

Here’s a close up of the section I favored:

*The display fixtures gross me out. It looks like chewed gum. Just sayin’

Now, there’s at least 65 colors to choose from in this store alone and what did I choose? The liptone tone. 🙄. That’s how I do. 

My 1 of 100: Ravenswood

Couple things: 

1. I’m exhausted. 

2. I love how my “unboxing” photos are done in my car in the parking lot. I feel like a makeup junkie. Moments like this make me realize I have zero impulse control. 

Some highlights:

I really like the cream and comfort matte finishes. The sheer finish is not so good. This lipstick is 17 bucks. That’s a good price for a luxury brand. I had a 10 dollar birthday coupon, so I scored this little guy for 7 bananas. 

So far (the last two hours) I really like this. My lips look and feel full. I feel like Kylie Jenner, but with a lot less money and a lot more personality. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Oh, here is a link to an impressive blog post about these lipsticks. Check it out. http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-criminal-rejected-wrong-number-sheer-liar-ravenswood-vice-lipsticks-reviews-photos-swatches/

Ten days until Valentine’s Day!


Well, that’s a bit much.

Valentine’s Day may not be tons of fun, but you know what is? 


A new, seasonal lipstick from Kiko Milano. If that packaging isn’t adorable enough, look at the inside:



It’s heart shaped ❤️. 

This lipstick is only 7 bucks and it is the plum lipstick of Kiko Milano’s Endless Love collection. 


(Btw I’ve now included two old-people references in this post. The young millennials are going to be so lost.)

This super fun lippy (ew, did I just write that?) comes in 6 shades. The one I chose is Passion Plum. I love it because of the subtle gold flecks mixed in. 

Let’s see how it looks:


(You can see a bit of the sheen)

Pros and Cons time!


  • Affordable 
  • Adorable packaging
  • Beautiful shade (Passion Plum)
  • Non-drying.
  • The packaging! 😍😍😍


  • I don’t think they have a shade like this all the time 👎🏻 It’s easily the prettiest shade in the whole store. 

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance, and may we all find:

(Another old-people reference)

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Burt’s Bees New Lipstick: It’s the Bees Knees!

It’s about time that Burt graduated to a real lipstick. It started with lip balms, then lip tints, then lip crayons, and now grown-up lipsticks. Hallelujah! Welcome to the present Burt’s Bees. 

These lipsticks are 100% natural. That’s right my crunchy friends, you can now wear a natural lipstick at a reasonable price. Personally, I’m not obsessed with using natural products. I’m actually drinking Diet Coke as I write this post. I may as well be doing lines of Sweet N’Low. #BadExample

Let’s have a look:

* Picture from Ulta.com

Of the 12 colors I own three: Lily Lake, Brimming Berry, and Magenta Rush. (Sunset Cruise and Fuschia Flood were returned because they were a bit light. Oh yes, and these colors aren’t as dark as they seem so keep that in mind.)

Magenta Rush is deep pink. It’s a better choice for those who can’t wear the Fuschia Flood color. Lily Lake is a beautiful mauve lip tone, perfect for every day. Brimming Berry is a Berry red and it has gotten me the most compliments. 

Let’s talk pros and cons:


  • Very moisturizing
  • Pretty pigments
  • Low price ($8.99 without any coupons)
  • 100% Natural


  • Not a long lasting lipstick
  • Still more like a highly pigmented balm as opposed to a traditional lipstick 
  • Packaging is bulky and weird.

It’s what’s inside that counts:

*From Ulta.com

Ulta coupon hack: Buy 1 of these lipsticks at $8.99 with an Essence of Beauty Lipliner at 1.49 and use the 5 dollar off a 10.00 purchase coupon. I kinda did that a few times 🙊. 

As I mentioned earlier, these colors appear dark but go on a little lighter. That being said, if you are like me you’ll want to choose the three colors I selected. You know, if you have moderately fair olive skin, dark hair, an addiction to Diet Coke, and a talent to make any situation awkward. Or just maybe the first two in that list. 

Till next time!

Smooches 💋

When Eyes and Lips LOC: LOC Beauty Review

Testing, testing. Hello? Are all seven of my followers present for this blog post? You’ll have to excuse my failure to post. I’ve been livin’ the dream. I guess if dreams involve grad school homework and cosmetic retail holiday shifts. Maybe that’s more of a nightmare. Oh, but I have also been performing in a fun show too! To sum it up, I’ve been busy. Time for some beauty babble…

Let’s talk about the new LOC collection exclusively for Birchbox. 

This is the One and Done Shadow Stick in “Impress Me”  
Hey there, short stuff. You’re kind of sexy. 💁

This shadow pencil is very sexy but indeed very short. There is not too much in the amount you get. Despite the length, it packs a powerful punch of color that lasts. So that makes up for the size. Jeez, this post could chock full of innuendos, but I’m going to keep it classy. Ish. 

Swatch Time!

The shade is described as a rose-gold with purple tones. It looks nice alone, but even prettier as a base for plum shadow. 

This shadow stick is for sale exclusively on Birchbox.com for 10.00. They sell multipacks of three for $25.00 or the entire set of 5 shades for $36.00. 

I first learned about this brand when I received a sample of the Vibrant Matte Lipstick in Glam Life. (See below)

  I like the lipstick but it is even tinier than the shadow and it retails for 8 dollars. The texture is super dry so you need to wear a primer. Despite the size and feel, it does look pretty on. 

If you like these two colors, I suggest you purchase the set called Royal Flush for $23.00.  It includes the Impress Me for eyes, Glam Life for lips, and a second shade for eyes, On Point, which is a silvery taupe. 

All are available at Birchbox.com

Till next time…


Clinique Days of the Week Lipstick Set

If I could make my own lipstick set based on my inventory of lipsticks, it would be called Days of the Century. Friends, family, and the seven people who read this blog know that I’m drowning in lipstick. I just can’t get enough! So when this set came to the counter I just had to play with it. 

Featured left to right:

Long Last Lipstick in Monday Mojo, Take-On Tuesday, Welcome Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Finally Friday, Sassy Saturday, and Sweet Sunday. 

I find it interesting that the Monday color is one of my favorite colors. This goes against the general lameness of Mondays. 

Super quick selfie at the counter for the purpose of demonstration. 

I enjoy all of these colors, but I’m not sure I could pull of Sweet Sunday without looking like a pale zombie. That’s not very sweet. 

This set retails for 39 dollars and I would be very happy to receive it as a gift. Wait, is that a Christmas hint? Because Sephora has 20% next week and Lord and Taylor will be in gift soon. Just sayin’. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Clinique Quickliner for Lips Intense! (Cue Excited Screaming 🙆)

Like Grace Adler once said about her love for fried chicken- my love for these new Intense Lip Liners is real, and it is deep. I’m not sure when the original Quickliners for Lips were made, but I suspect it was in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. I can imagine many a Clinique girl outlining their lips with Chocolate Chip liner and then filling them in with Creamy Nude lipstick. Total hotness.

A few reincarnations of lip liners have come around in the last 10 years. Most of them were wooden pencil and they were all discontinued. At some point it seemed like Clinique just gave up with lip liners. Until these bad boys:

The outside colors match the actual shades. But I’ve done some swatches too, because I’m super dooper profesh’. They don’t pay me the big blogging bucks for nothing. No really, no one pays me. Can someone pay me?

I’m sorry, but could you not die for #’s 1, 2, and 8? 😍

Here are the names (all begin with “Intense”) 

  1. Punch
  2. Passion
  3. Cola
  4. Blush
  5. Sassafras
  6. Cranberry
  7. Cayenne
  8. Jam
  9. Cosmo
  10. Cafe
  11. Hibiscus
  12. Licorice 

I’m a huuuuuuge fan of Jam, Punch, Passion, and Hibiscus.

Here’s a pic of Jam:

(Hastily applied at counter)

It’s a beautiful fresh Berry.

Let’s talk details, mmm k?


  • Vibrant, transfer resistant colors
  • Slightly tacky texture (perfect for lip sticks to stick)
  • Colors suit many if not all of the new Color Pop lipsticks.


  • Still no match for older formulas like Watermelon. :/
  • Twists up, but not down.
  • Can be dry if you fill in whole lip so make sure to put something on top.

Even with the few cons, these liners are kind of a big deal. The shade variety is diverse, and the depth of color punches you right in the face. But, in a good way.

Let’s put all the pics together for a pretty collage because I live for my photo grid app. 

Goodness gracious these are gorgeous. 

My alliteration game is strong y’all.

Till next time…

Smooches 💋

Favorite Fall Color: Wine

Everybody is screaming about pumpkin this and pumpkin that, but I’m all, “Hello people?! It’s Wine Season!”

No, put down the glass Boozerella. The color wine or anything close to it. This is the time of year where the stores explode with wine and rich berry tones. Have a look at the Gap:

Love 😍

Apparently, according to many internet memes, this color in the fall is for “basic bitches.” Well color me basic then, bitches. Cuz I loves me some Bordeaux and Merlot tones. And I still like The GAP. So there. 🍷

Today’s post highlights a lipstick from Clinique’s new line of Color Pop lipsticks. I’m a huge fan of the Plum Pop and Grape Pop, but now I’m switching to Berry Pop for the Fall. This berry tone looks like a wine. It’s a rich, statement-making color. 

Let’s have a look:

This is how it is packaged:

*This picture was taken in my car in a Bank of America parking lot. Because that’s how I do my blogging- in between errands. #Profesh’

This lipstick has a creamy feel and a soft shine. It is long lasting, but because the color is deep you NEED a primer. Otherwise you may get those weird cracked berry lips that are 100% unattractive. 

I love this primer from MAC. 

It smooths/fills out the lips and it provides a slightly tacky surface for lipstick to stick to. 

In my opinion, the best way to wear this is with minimal makeup on the rest of the face. Keep the eyes clean and polished. Let your mouth do the talking. As it usually does, because it’s a mouth and all.  

Well, that about wraps up this post. Btw, that’s a horrible transition phrase. I’m going to run to Starbucks and buy as many pumpkin items as I can so I can fully live out the Fall cliché. 

Till next time….

Smooches! 💋

(Resting basic bitch face)