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SHISEIDOSynchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20: First Impressions

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Where have I been? I guess I fell into a black hole of grad school papers and projects. However, I’m back for my seven followers (maybe just six now) and I’m here to post just for the holiday. Because nothing says “Irish” like a new foundation from Japan. For reals, I received a sample and I wanted to talk about it. 

I just started freelancing for Shiseido, and I was excited to try a sample of their newest foundation, Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20. 

I present:

(Photo from Sephora but this can be purchased in-person at Lord and Taylor and Macy’s)

This is a lightweight, oil-free foundation which “harmonizes” with your skin. Oh and it’s also long wearing. 
Let’s see it in action:

  (Taken around 11 am).

*Note: In the picture on the right, I added their stick concealer. It’s similar to the amazing concealer from their sister company, Cle de Peau, but it costs much less. 

Btw, my foundation shade is the third shade level in neutral. It also comes in a rose and warm undertone. 

Pros and Cons:


  • Did NOT break me out. No bumps, no tumor zits. Nada. Amen
  • Long lasting. This wore well until the time I took it off. A little shine started on the forehead and nose by the 7th hour. 
  • No primer necessary. But honestly, I’m not one to use primer anyway. 
  • This is going to be your holy grail foundation for the summer. I really hate that expression but I must call it as it is. 


  • Price is 45 dollars, but a little goes a long way. It is long lasting too. Seems like you get your money’s worth. 
  • Some more shade options would be nice for deeper skin tones. 

Let’s see how it looked at the end of the day:


As you can see, humidity is starting to happen here in New Jersey. Hence the Jersey curls. Current look: Simba’s angry. 

The verdict: Get this foundation. Get it no matter if you are oily, combo, or dry. It’s for all skin types and let’s be real, we all sweat in the summer so this is a perfect fit for that. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋


Not another BB cream!

I think I’m in love. Well, it’s too soon to say. You know how it is, you meet, you are so good for each other, and then bam! You have a zit. Oh I’m sorry, I was talking about foundation. 

Let me explain. It is damn near impossible for me to find a foundation that hits these three basic qualifications:

  1. Does not make me break out. No rashes, no under the skin bumps by the end of the day, and no giant tumor zits. 
  2. Stays on more than an hour. There is no way I can wear primer (big, big zit trap), so I need something that can stand on it’s own. 
  3. Good color match. 
  4. Does not make me break out. Yes, it needs to be said twice. Don’t make me say it thrice. 

My current foundation is a powder from Clinique: Almost Powder in Neutral 4. I like it. It doesn’t make me break out (most important thing), it stays on impressively long, but the color match is just ok. That us to be expected, as it is a line with limited color options. Lately it has been the only thing I can use…

Then this week, I saw this:

I know, I know RDJ. Sometimes I think the first B in BB stands for bull crap. Truth be told, there are way too many BB and CC creams out there. Many of them are just tinted moisturizers with a clever rebranding. 

What made me intrigued by this:

  1. I’m a big La Roche Posay fan
  2. It’s oil-free and fragrance free. 
  3. It’s a mousse. I like mousse. Well, chocolate mousse. 

Let’s see some pics, cuz the proof is in the puddin’. 

That’s me, pre-makeup. I left on my eye makeup but everything else is bare. My camera fails to capture the redness around my nose and past scarring on my cheeks. But it’s there. 

Now here’s the after:

Wow. This bb cream is so powerful it puts lipstick on you too! Ok, yes I put some lip color and a bit of concealer, but look at the complexion! The moussey goodness airbrushed away my pores and gave me a more evened tone without making me look obviously made up. 

Let’s look side by side...

Now, the good news is that I’ve had this on for a few hours and I’m not getting weird bumps. Sometimes a foundation is so not good for me, that the bumps are instantaneous. This seems to be ok. Fingers crossed, please pleeeeeeaaase! 

Who should get this:

  1. People who don’t like to be suffocated by their makeup. The mousse lets your skin breathe. Ahhhh. 
  2. People concerned with visible pores. 
  3. Oily skin types *Although my skin is dry right now and I don’t mind it. 

My one con is the limited shade selection. It only comes in “Fair to Light” and “Light to Medium” (I’m wearing that). 

 Wth? I get it that LRP is not a makeup company, but I think they could have managed to release a few more tones like “medium-deep” and “deep.”

If you have a similar complexion to mine (light olive), this is a decent color match. I’m assuming super pale complexions should do the first shade. They didn’t have testers out so it was a gamble. Thankfully it worked out.

Well, as much as I love to procrastinate, I must get back to my studies…