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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick: A Tale of Insanity. 

Today was the day. 100 new lipstick colors from Urban Decay were released out into the wild. Do you know what I did today? I worked just about 12 hours between 2 different jobs and the second job was 7 hours of selling a different brand of makeup to cranky customers, but I STILL summoned the strength to make my way to Ulta to pick out my 1 out of 100 shade

So this happened:

Ok, so that’s not all of them, but it certainly is a lot. I felt like a leopard. Those poor Ulta employees. I feel your pain. I am your pain. 

Oh, were you looking to find an organized blogger who labels each swatch? Send me a link to her blog, because I’m looking for that post too. I have no idea what colors I’m looking at. I can say, that some of my favorites were Ravenswood, Moshpit, and Zzz

Hey, here’s the display:

*Not the full 100. Certain stores have certain colors. 

Here’s a close up of the section I favored:

*The display fixtures gross me out. It looks like chewed gum. Just sayin’

Now, there’s at least 65 colors to choose from in this store alone and what did I choose? The liptone tone. 🙄. That’s how I do. 

My 1 of 100: Ravenswood

Couple things: 

1. I’m exhausted. 

2. I love how my “unboxing” photos are done in my car in the parking lot. I feel like a makeup junkie. Moments like this make me realize I have zero impulse control. 

Some highlights:

I really like the cream and comfort matte finishes. The sheer finish is not so good. This lipstick is 17 bucks. That’s a good price for a luxury brand. I had a 10 dollar birthday coupon, so I scored this little guy for 7 bananas. 

So far (the last two hours) I really like this. My lips look and feel full. I feel like Kylie Jenner, but with a lot less money and a lot more personality. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Oh, here is a link to an impressive blog post about these lipsticks. Check it out. http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-criminal-rejected-wrong-number-sheer-liar-ravenswood-vice-lipsticks-reviews-photos-swatches/


New Chubby Stick Foundation From Clinique!

I’ve been waiting for these to come out for some time now. Any of my makeup artist friends know that I am a fan of crayons and anything portable, also lipsticks, lipgloss, shadow palettes, ok fine. I’m a makeup addict. But what I love more than makeup is makeup that’s convenient. 

I present:

Clinique Chubby in the Nude foundation Stick

(Record scratching sound). Yeah, that’s the name. Can’t say it’s a winner. Not to be offensive, but don’t go googling the product by its name. It’s a little scandalous. 

My personal name I would offer for this is Fuller Foundation. But alas, I do not work for marketing. 😏

Annnnnyway, let’s look at a few swatches. 

(I did this quickly at Sephora. There are more shades, but this is Alabaster, Chamois, Clove and Beige. *Insert funny adjectives before each name. I kinda forgot them). #bloggeroftheyear. 

My shade is #7 which is the Capricious Chamois. That is the third shade from the lightest and it has golden undertones (but not super yellow). 

Here’s how it looks under my eyes, on my nose, and covering a blemish on my cheek. 

 Your eyes do not deceive you, that is a picture of Yanni photobombing me. It was drawn by my talented friend, Hermes Almeida. To be technical it is a picture of Yanni, Rev. Run and Prince Charles in Run DMC gear. Long story, but it’s kind of awesome. 

First Impression Pros and Cons:


  • Lightweight
  • Creamy
  • Good coverage 
  • Oil free


  • Does not fully cover undereye area but it does a decent job. 
  • The product name. That name!

Retails for 24 bucks (department store pricing) but Clinique is always a safe bet for sensitive skin so it’s worth it. 
Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Tarte 12 Hour BB Primer

I’m like “Hey what’s up hello? It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post.”  Ok I don’t even like that song and I’m 100 years old. However, I was inspired with a recent product:

But first I made some unrelated memes to further my procrastination against doing an annotated bibliography for school. 

Those memes are 100% truth. Still with me?

Anyway, I recently decided I wanted a primer. I love my Better Skin Foundation from Maybelline, and even though it doesn’t break me out it does clog my pores. I stress the importance of primers to my clients but, truth be told  they pretty much break me out. So do BB creams. I’ll start the day with a clear face and by 9pm I have bumps. Bumps on my cheeks, and if I keep it up a relapse of Perioral dermatitis. Not a good look. But I decided to take a risk and try a sample of the Tarte BB primer from Sephora. I’ve heard good things. 

I took two samples (light and medium). The medium was a better match:

Excuse the schnozzola, but that is a test of a primer. Does it blur pores? Yes.  Yes it does. 

As you can see it does nothing for raccoon/panda eyes, so here is a picture with concealer. Also blush and mascara. And lipstick (unrelated to panda eyes). 

*Thank you to my sister, Valerie for my star necklace. 

I decided to use this stuff alone because I felt like I didn’t need extra. You may find you want your foundation on top if you don’t like a light look.

Let’s pros and cons this bad boy:


  1. No breakouts.
  2. No clogging. 
  3. Blurred pores. 
  4. Available in travel sizes too.
  5. Has diamond dust in it. Who cares though
  6. SPF 30!


The price! 14 dollars for a half ounce and 36 for a full ounce. Did you do the math though?  That doesn’t make sense. A full ounce should at least be 28 or slightly less. It seems like a no brainer to get the small size. Don’t tell the Tarte people. 

So a BB Cream and a Primer all in one. Available  in a product that doesn’t break me out. I feel like I’ve found the mythical unicorn of the makeup world. 

Till next time. 

Smooches 💋

How to Use Your Sephora VIB Coupon

It’s 15% off time at Sephora!

Can you take in the magic and excitement? Let’s throw in a few overused emoji to celebrate 💃💁🙆💄💋😂. 

I’ve come up with a list of my picks to use that 15% on. Some of them are online only, but given some of the crowds at Sephora that may not be a bad thing. 

First and foremost, my favorite eyeliner on the planet:

Deep Purple Modster Eyeliner by Ardency Inn. Curse you Sephora for removing this brand from your stores! This is the best liner you will own. The  color is popping, flattering, and beautiful. Plus it lasts. all. day. For reals, top and bottom. No smudging, no smears. Let’s have a look at other colors:

Left column: Deep Purple, Turquoise, Coffee. Those are 19.00 each. The trio to the right is sold together. Three fullsizes for a total of $29.00! That trio is the only way to get the black color as it is practically always sold out. 

Next, Cover F/X Custom Cover Drops

These are concentrated pigment drops. You can add them to your moisturizer, face oil, or even eye cream. That equals DIY, custom coverage how you like it. Perfect for the control freaks out there. This bottle is a little pricey, 44.00, but since you are using just teeny drops it should last a lifetime- or half of one anyway. 

Now from Smashbox…

A fat stick for cheeks and lips. Gives real color that lasts and does not break you out! Well, at least for me. This comes in 5 colors, but my personal favorites are the Berry and Pink. 

On to the makeup sets: (I don’t own these but donations are always welcome 😉

A new palette from Anastasia: The Artist Palette. 

The Artist Palette looks like fun, and if it is like her other shadows, the shadows have a ton of pigment. Miss Anastasia is not just a two brow wonder. 

From Stila: Come Up Roses Makeup Set. 

This online exclusive set is only $39.00! That’s a crazy deal for 10 shadows, a full liner, highlighter and gloss. Mother’s Day anyone?

and This:

Pretty matching lip and nail tones for 25 bucks. 

Happy Shopping!

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Sephora Freebie: Buxom Lipstick in “Dolly.”

I don’t want to have Carol Channing’s voice in my head right now, but I do. It’s nearly impossible to say the name Dolly and not think of this:

Or this lady:

The young people who read this blog (if they stuck around this long) are probably completely confused. 

Quick lesson:

1. Carol Channing in Hello Dolly!

2. Dolly Parton

3. Dolly Lipstick by Buxom ⬇️

Today I got a little bitty freebie size from Sephora (picture credit goes to them btw). 

Here it is:

I once owned this kind of lipstick from Buxom in a color called Menace. While it was a pretty shade of vibrant purple, it faded quickly and left a ring around the lips. Hot

What I like about Dolly is that it is slightly deeper than my lip tone and it has some dimension to it, compliments of the gold shimmer flecks. You know how I feel about gold shimmer flecks 😍

Quick review:

Gold shimmer= elegant

Silver shimmer = cheap and 1999 club kid. 

Here’s another pic of the lipstick on:

I’m quite happy with my decision to part with 100 Insider Points to get this little lipstick. I tend to hoard my points,(I think I have a 1000ish), and I like to use them now and then on the 100 point stuff. Saving all my makeup points makes me feel like a piiiimp. 

If you have 100 insider points to spare, run out and get yourself a little Dolly lipstick at Sephora

Just don’t get the song stuck in your head…

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Sephora Sample: Solid by Beautyblender

Listen to me carefully, get in your car, drive to Sephora, and use 100 points of your Beauty Insider Points to get this:

It’s almost 11pm as I write this, and I recognize that Sephora is closed. However, I took a 5 minute break from my studies to inform you of the awesomeness that is
Solid By Beautyblender.
💋This is a brush cleaner made in a solid bar form.
💋Cleaning your brushes is as easy as wetting them with water, swishing them on the Solid bar, and rinsing
That’s it! Lazy people rejoice!
Oh, and btw…
This is .558 oz and is free (100 reward points) versus the full size which is 1oz for $15.95!

Don’t faint! Wake up!
I have owned a few of the full size bars and I’m currently using the liquid cleanser, which is amazing for foundation brushes. However, I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this as a free sample option.
I was so excited, I got two!

I’m not usually thrilled with the 100 point perks from Sephora, but this one is totally worth it.
That’s all for now. If don’t already have the song Solid As a Rock in your head, now you do.

Till next time…

The Lipstick Project: BITE BEAUTY High Pigment Pencil Rhubarb

This lovely little pencil was in a holiday set of 4 mini pencils packaged in a red tin called Get Lippy. This shade is sold in a full size as well.

Let’s have a look…


💋The Sephora website describes this as a “Plum Rose”. I can see that, as well as some brown undertones. I think this would be grouped as a Marsala tone as well.
💋 Resveratrol is the magic anti-aging ingredient here. According to Sephora.com this lipstick has the same amount as five glasses of wine.
I have a headache after the thought of five glasses of wine. I’ll stick to using this anti-aging lipstick.

Pros and Cons
💋 Goes on smooth, fades down evenly
💋 Twists up and down, no sharpener needed!
💋 Contains ingredients safe enough to eat.
💋 Does not last very long
💋 Expensive. $24.00 for a full size.

Till next time…