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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick: A Tale of Insanity. 

Today was the day. 100 new lipstick colors from Urban Decay were released out into the wild. Do you know what I did today? I worked just about 12 hours between 2 different jobs and the second job was 7 hours of selling a different brand of makeup to cranky customers, but I STILL summoned the strength to make my way to Ulta to pick out my 1 out of 100 shade

So this happened:

Ok, so that’s not all of them, but it certainly is a lot. I felt like a leopard. Those poor Ulta employees. I feel your pain. I am your pain. 

Oh, were you looking to find an organized blogger who labels each swatch? Send me a link to her blog, because I’m looking for that post too. I have no idea what colors I’m looking at. I can say, that some of my favorites were Ravenswood, Moshpit, and Zzz

Hey, here’s the display:

*Not the full 100. Certain stores have certain colors. 

Here’s a close up of the section I favored:

*The display fixtures gross me out. It looks like chewed gum. Just sayin’

Now, there’s at least 65 colors to choose from in this store alone and what did I choose? The liptone tone. 🙄. That’s how I do. 

My 1 of 100: Ravenswood

Couple things: 

1. I’m exhausted. 

2. I love how my “unboxing” photos are done in my car in the parking lot. I feel like a makeup junkie. Moments like this make me realize I have zero impulse control. 

Some highlights:

I really like the cream and comfort matte finishes. The sheer finish is not so good. This lipstick is 17 bucks. That’s a good price for a luxury brand. I had a 10 dollar birthday coupon, so I scored this little guy for 7 bananas. 

So far (the last two hours) I really like this. My lips look and feel full. I feel like Kylie Jenner, but with a lot less money and a lot more personality. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Oh, here is a link to an impressive blog post about these lipsticks. Check it out. http://www.temptalia.com/urban-decay-criminal-rejected-wrong-number-sheer-liar-ravenswood-vice-lipsticks-reviews-photos-swatches/


Burt’s Bees New Lipstick: It’s the Bees Knees!

It’s about time that Burt graduated to a real lipstick. It started with lip balms, then lip tints, then lip crayons, and now grown-up lipsticks. Hallelujah! Welcome to the present Burt’s Bees. 

These lipsticks are 100% natural. That’s right my crunchy friends, you can now wear a natural lipstick at a reasonable price. Personally, I’m not obsessed with using natural products. I’m actually drinking Diet Coke as I write this post. I may as well be doing lines of Sweet N’Low. #BadExample

Let’s have a look:

* Picture from Ulta.com

Of the 12 colors I own three: Lily Lake, Brimming Berry, and Magenta Rush. (Sunset Cruise and Fuschia Flood were returned because they were a bit light. Oh yes, and these colors aren’t as dark as they seem so keep that in mind.)

Magenta Rush is deep pink. It’s a better choice for those who can’t wear the Fuschia Flood color. Lily Lake is a beautiful mauve lip tone, perfect for every day. Brimming Berry is a Berry red and it has gotten me the most compliments. 

Let’s talk pros and cons:


  • Very moisturizing
  • Pretty pigments
  • Low price ($8.99 without any coupons)
  • 100% Natural


  • Not a long lasting lipstick
  • Still more like a highly pigmented balm as opposed to a traditional lipstick 
  • Packaging is bulky and weird.

It’s what’s inside that counts:

*From Ulta.com

Ulta coupon hack: Buy 1 of these lipsticks at $8.99 with an Essence of Beauty Lipliner at 1.49 and use the 5 dollar off a 10.00 purchase coupon. I kinda did that a few times 🙊. 

As I mentioned earlier, these colors appear dark but go on a little lighter. That being said, if you are like me you’ll want to choose the three colors I selected. You know, if you have moderately fair olive skin, dark hair, an addiction to Diet Coke, and a talent to make any situation awkward. Or just maybe the first two in that list. 

Till next time!

Smooches 💋

it Cosmetics Mascara Review: Hello Lashes! Goodbye Wallet. 

Sometimes I love to watch QVC and HSN, but I’ve never actually order from them. I especially loved the demonstrations of mascara from it Cosmetics. Watching Jamie Kern transform skimpy eyelashes into massive spider-like fans is almost hypnotizing. Yet I could never ever justify spending 24 bucks for a mascara- and I never will. Mascara does not have a long life. That’s burning through 24 bucks in 3 months at the most. I’d rather get a foundation, or two movie tix (4 movie tix for cheap movie Tuesdays  😉 or food. Yeah, food is always good too. But Ulta had their 26 days of beauty event and they had that mascara slashed down to 12 bucks I had to bite. Here’s how it looks:

It’s nice. The lashes look long, but I sort of have long lashes anyway.  I do like the texture, which is kind of soft. It does feel like it’s conditioning the lashes. But how much does that help anyway? I decided to consult an expert for that. By consult I mean look up the review on http://www.paulaschoice.com beautypedia. Here’s what they say:

As for the “treatment” claims: ignore them. This mascara cannot enhance lash growth or increase the thickness of the actual lash, as there are no ingredients in the formula that can achieve those claims.”

This proves my point, but I should also note that they give this mascara a glowing review. It may deserve it in the aspects of length and appearance, but the formula is hardly water resistant. One tear and this stuff starts to run. With a PMS waterworks of tears, this stuff is all over your face and you look like a winning pageant contestant. 

So is this mascara worth the hype? At 12 dollars maybe, but at 24 bucks just go to the drugstore and then hit up the movie theater. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋


CK ONE All Day Perfection LIPCOLOR: Perfection Indeed

There are just some things make my heart skip a beat. They are: good coffee (literally), ice cream, Nutella, and lipstick. Oh wait, and like true love and all that stuff too. But seriously, I love my lipstick and I am truly a lipstick junkie. Check my lipstick drawer, ok drawers, and- oh hell I basically have a lipstick closet. #AddictionIsRealY’All. I will take lipstick in a bullet, in a crayon, and in a liquid too. Sometime that’s my absolute fav because it’s like a gloss on steroids- smooth and packed with color. 

I’m losing you so I’m going to resort to pretty, pretty pictures now:

Beautiful, ain’t they? I couldn’t capture all of them because I was in Ulta and I had to keep my secret photoshoot brief. However, I did get some swatches, and the stink eye from a beauty advisor. 

Let’s look with a flash, ahhhh, ahhh! 

🎶 (Bonus points for recognizing that song. Oh and ps, you’re old) 

Let’s talk about the pros and cons:


  1. Rich, pigmented color. 
  2. No offensive odor or taste. 
  3. Only 16 bucks (that’s inexpensive for a luxury brand)
  4. Beautiful color selection
  5. Darker colors probably stain the lips. 
  6. Smooth, non paint-like texture
  7. Literally from heaven. Angels made these and delivered them to Ulta so everyone can have soft, sexy lips. 


My personal favorites are Untamed and Provoke. A mauve and a grapey wine. Because I’m predictable. 

This is how Untamed looks on:

A little more orangey than I’d like, but still a pretty, deeper than your lip tone, lip tone. 

I can’t praise these enough. So many of the colors look so flattering on. Since my mom is probably reading this I will go ahead and say that she should look at Rouge. It’s a brown color with a tinge of orange. See Mom, I look out for ya. Now everyone say “Awww.”

As for the rest of ya, get thee to Ulta because it is exclusive to them. Check out CK One’s other lip colors too. I swear they are such an underrated cosmetics brand. 

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty: Say that three times. 

You have probably already read some glowing reviews on this product. Well, SPOILER ALERT: This review ain’t one of them. 

Aww boo me, right? Listen, I have always have a soft spot for Stila. Back in 2005, Stila was my first freelance makeup artist gig. The company has changed considerably since then. Although I love some of their products I do miss the Janine Lobelle glory days. Enough reminiscing, let’s get down to business. 

This is the Medium shade. Looks dark, right? Well the reality is, it goes on much lighter. Let’s compare perceptions now, shall we?

Stila’a Description: This first-to-market, skin-perfecting, natural matte foundation has an innovative bouncy, putty texture which allows perfect pickup and buildable, undetectable coverage that looks like skin, not makeup. It goes on like a cream and blends seamlessly with a powder-soft mattified finish that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation. Complexion instantly looks smoother, and imperfections and uneven skin tone virtually disappear, for a poreless, perfected skin appearance.”

The reality:

  • The texture has minimal bounce. 
  • There is no cream texture. It’s a little on the drier side. 
  • Makeup is undetectable because coverage is so, so minimal. 
  • Pores kinda sorta disappear.
  • Looks lighter on than in the compact. The result: Vanessa The Friendly Ghost. Or maybe The Snarky Ghost. Whatever. 

Let’s look at some pictures:

Pre-Putty. No makeup. 

Post-puddy. Ehhh. 

As you can see, it is a touch too light and my skin kind of felt dry, yet my tzone got oily as the day went on. 

Oh, here is a picture with full makeup added in. Cuz I’m vain:

So with blush and concealer, I guess it is acceptable. But I wanted to wear this alone, on no-makeup look makeup days. So at 39 bucks, it’s unacceptable. AND, it started to break me out  (sad face). 

I was so excited for this makeup. I stalked two Ulta locations until it finally came in. Luckily it coincided with their 20% coupon. However, even that price is way too much for something that is not perfection. Back to the store it went. 

I guess I shall continue with my Maybelline Better Skin Foundation and Clinique Perfectly Real Powder combo. Why mess with perfection?

Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a! Mini Brush Set from It Cosmetics. 

Makeup goes on better with brushes. Everyone knows that. Even the girl who barely wears makeup knows that. But brushes take up a lot of freaggin room in a purse! I need maximum space to carry 5 to 7 lipsticks, my phone, wallet, coupons, gum, and spare ketchup packets. (Starbucks makes a mean turkey bacon and egg white sandwich yet they REFUSE to carry ketchup in their stores, so I BYOK).

Long story short, I need my space and I can’t stand the idea of a long makeup brush poking out of a bag. 

What’s a girl to do?  


It Cosmetic’s for Ulta’s mini brush set. High quality, fluffy synthetic brushes that do not take up precious purse space. The whole thing is about the size of a Galaxy or IPhone 6Plus, but not nearly as expensive. 

This set, and another 3 mini brush set of theirs both go for $19.00. 

You can even fit an extra brush or two in there. I’ve added the fluffy shadow brush from the other set, and this completes my must have mini set for makeup on the go. 

You may ask yourself, “Vanessa, why don’t you just use regular brushes at home?”  Good hypothetical question. 

If you know me, you’ll know that my makeup is generally done in my car (parked) five minutes before I enter my destination. There is no self discipline to allow myself time to take care of makeup at home. Plus, daytime car lighting is the best lighting, and also makes for a great selfie…

It’s heavenly, ain’t it? 

So even though I have a ton of regular brushes, I really only use these. They are not much more than a Real Techniques mini set, and the quality is impressive. 

 Till next time…

Smooches! 💋

NYX Wins Again: High Voltage Lipstick!

I’m killing time before the second episode of Better Call Saul. Vince Gilligan knows how to make great TV, and NYX knows how to make a great lipstick that won’t destroy your budget.
Their newest addition for spring is the HIGH VOLTAGE LIPSTICK. Excuse the all caps, but it’s just so bold it needs to be emphasized.

Let’s swatch:


I’m not sure how many colors are offered, but these are the ones I selected- so far. #addict.
*Just to give you an idea of how powerful this lipstick is, those color swatches were done with one run on the arm. That’s it!

This is the packaging:

Not the best, but for $5.99 you can’t expect much. I just hope the caps don’t pop off in my purse.

Side note: I think Kim Kardashian was born for the sole purpose of making a good crying meme.
Let’s see how they look!





I kind of love them all, but #2 makes me feel like Snow White. It’s such a rich, plum/burgundy and it contrasts nicely with my skin tone. I’m a fan.
Some features:
💋 Good staying power
💋 Does not dry the lip out
💋 Fades evenly to a stain.
Hot tip: These are on sale at Ulta for a buy one get one 50%. Plus you can use a coupon on top of it.
I told you, NYX wins again!
Till next time…